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  1. Np m8 Sent from my ZTE_N9511 using Tapatalk
  2. Definitely not right. Lol Sounds like someone put a wooden dowel in place of a broken carbon rod. Take it into any kite shop and they'll replace it for you on the cheap
  3. Haha hey buddy :-). Long time no talk ya? Been super busy being a new dad and all. Miss yall too. Haven't had much fly time in this year either. :-\ We moved to Silverton in the last year and are loving it. The wind is good and steady too, being a little further down the valley :-). Hopefully next spring, once the little girl is a bit older I can stretch my wings again :-) Hope all is well with you John - - and if you're ever down around Silverton, be sure to hit me up! Cheers! Jon
  4. JoneZ

    Revoholic (video)

    Nice vid. Good music selection. Thanks for sharing that.
  5. JoneZ

    Wind help

    It sounds like your nose may be adjusted too far back, and your dumping too much wind off the front of the kite (?). Try adjusting the bridle forward by small even (use some measuring tape if you have to) increments until the kite takes off with relative ease. Once you've found the sweet spot, mark it on your bridle for reference as you'll be wanting to move the bridle back and forth a touch depending on wind conditions. Good Luck!
  6. I've gotta work on Saturday, but I can see whats up for Sunday. I have this naggin feeling that Im forgetting something that I need to do this weekend. Hope its not important. o.0 Anyhow, I'll repost as soon as I figure out the weekend schedule here. After the week I've had (excluding my Wifes Bday), I could use some "K n' R n' R" (with some beer). hehe Cheers~!
  7. speaking of which, think I'll be heading out to my field now for a little practice Sent you a pm on rev forums.
  8. reading now. Add me to the rsvp for sat.
  9. Should be there Friday thru Sunday, kites in hand. What day is the 100 rev fly?
  10. Right on, sounds great! Give me a hollar when ur in town on a weekend -- We'll see if the winds hold up for delta. After mine and my Wifes 1yr anniverssary, we're reserving our hotel for WSIKF. o.0 Finally! hehe
  11. aye. Missed y'all as well. We'll hook up sometime soon for some delta park action.
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