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  1. Hi, I have a regular Phoenix and have used the wind brake once. I was flying in 25 mph and had to have my sister hold on to me, the pull was so bad. I have 150 lb line. Boy, that was interesting! I don't think I will do that again, but it was fun. The wind brake really helped.
  2. I've been there before, and I agree it's AWESOME!!! Although the last couple times we went down there, SPECIFICALLY for kite flying, there was no wind. Bugger it.
  3. Where's Kite Hill? The problem is that the park I try to fly at has 0-.5 wind. I am finishing buying a Zerostar, which will allow me to fly more frequently, buy I fly about every 6 months, or whenever we get down to Long Beach. I can't drive yet (have to take the test for my permit) so I can't get myself to a better wind zone and Mom isn't willing to drive me all over the place. Dad is willing, but he is out at sea most of the time and when he is home, lives in Seattle. Then I fly at Golden Gardens. So, all this means I have flown for about three years and can't do a single trick or am able to practice. *sigh*
  4. Thanks guys. Penny offered to give me a quad lesson in Long Beach this August, so maybe I'll catch the bug.
  5. The Dates are Aug. 15-21. Sound Right?
  6. REALLY??!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have wanted to try one ever since I saw a Rev at a kite shop.
  7. Hi all. I am going to the Long Beach Kite Festival the third week of August and was wondering if anyone would be willing to meet me there and teach me some tricks. I have a video, but it is hard to learn from. I would consider myself an intermediate, but only get to fly every six months or so so I don't get to practice much. i will be working on stalls and some of the very basic tricks, unless I learn fast. I have a New Age, Phoenix and am going to get a Phantom Elite UL. I am broke because not many families want babysitters these days, but can pay ten dollars if this would be encouraging. Thanks! pm me for my email.
  8. Hi, I really want to know all the different bridles and the flight differences that come with each one (like is one better at precision or tricks)? Also, is it possible to switch bridles on a kite?
  9. Hi, I saw the revolutions in a mag. a little while ago. Can someone tell me what you can do with them? Are they as cool or cooler the duals, or are they just too different to compare? I am afraid that if I fly one I won't want to fly dual line anymore, and I have put alot of money into my kites. Do any of you fly both dual and quad? Basically, whats the differences between a quad and a dual, besides the obvious.
  10. - it's already happened. And I can't do anything about it. ALright, I'll get the Mamba or the Mantis, when I save enough. Oh-and I'm in Renton.
  11. Hi, I live near Seattle, WA and two years ago was introduced to stunt kites. Since then, I fly about twice a year, since I have to persuade someone to drive me down to Long Beach (I'm scared to get my permit) I can fly normally without crashing, and am going to start learning tricks at the Kite Festival in August ( attempts to persuade mom to go down there president's week break failed). I have a Phoenix, and just today received a New Age for my birthday. Haven't flown it yet, because the wind here is nil, and when it does blow very gusty. i suppose i should wait till I have flown the New Age to see what I am looking for in a new kite, but.... The New Age wasn't exactly my first choice. I know it's good, and I will probably love it, it's just I was looking at others. i currently like precision, but need a kite that will also trick easy and will carry me as high as I can go. I would like to compete in something when i learn more. I don't have the money to keep updating, but am willing to buy two good kites that will never need updating. I also am looking for an UL. Kites I am looking at (and wanting badly!) - :Dthe Mamba - the Gemini -?? The mantis -??The Delta Drive - The Quantum Pro - Sano SS - ADX - Tramontana - STX 2.3 As you can see-too much!! Please tell me what you think! These aren't even counting the UL. any recommendations for those? 0-8 would be cool. *sits back, breathes deeply, waits*
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