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  1. Something to think about. Kites with multiple uses... A std. B series comes with 2 and 3 wrap frame. A std. B flies well indoors. A Race frame is almost a necessity. My personal preference is a B Pro (non pro works too) with a Race frame and a 2 wrap center LE. Plus it fly's outdoors to. The way the kite flies is also the same as it is outdoors. Having a bridel or not makes a difference. No bridel to me feels like the controls have to be overly exaggerated. Just my thought.
  2. Hope no one looking for tips missed John's tip of practicing reverse flight. IMO, flying a strait (or kinda strait when starting out) line is way easier than reversing arcs. Something else to try is owning your hover LE facing left or right. See how perfectly still you can hold the hover. Remember, the top hand is slightly closer to your body to maintain altitude. Once you get the hang of it your hands should hardly move to hold the position Now for my personal handle position "anytime" the kite is vertical is the top wing hand is palm down flat and the bottom wing hand is strait up and down. My top hand is locked into a position that holds the top wing neutral so the only adjustments are to the bottom wing to keep the LE strait up and down. With this hand position at least to me, the feelable tension on the lower brake line is maximized and overall the kite feels extremely stable. Personal preference but something to try. Now from that hover, pull a little more brake till the top wing wants to spin around the bottom wing. Remember that hand position that got that effect. Set back up and initiate the top brake slightly before you pull the bottom brake line and lock your top hand in the position you were to remember. Don't move the top hand to let off or apply brake. Give slightly more or less brake on your bottom wing basically to keep the bottom wing at the same speed as the top wing and keeping the LE as vertical as possible. Those are my basic tips for learning horizontal reverse flight. Reverse or forward flight when turning arcs or circles. The Great Felix Montram gave me an invaluable tip. Changing hand positions with the attitude of the kite is a must for stable, controlled flight. With that in mind his tip was to match my foot movements with the hand movements but to use the hand motions (bringing the top wing hand in and or pushing the bottom wing hand out) to keep the lead rotating wing powered up when turning up or pushing the lead wing hand out if turning down to better control the lead rotating wing. Always a useful tool but especially when flying in reverse. I hope what I've typed is helpful. Let me know if clarification is needed or if there's anything else I could help with. :-)
  3. Thank you. I think my problem has been fixed. Maybe.;-)
  4. It comes with 2 weights. In the bottom of the kites range it's fairly easy to roll up upright. I'm also not having any problems rolling up from a fade starting position or from a take off. Wonder if the stock angle of attack is just too nose in for my flying style? Mid wind range and up I can't get the initial pitch to get the roll going. Upright anyway. Too much lift could be the problem. Specially since I notice that even light pumping in the lower end causes the kite to stall instead of shooting forward. Now that I think of it I kinda feel like a dip stick for not laying the nose back farther than I have. Dee De Dee.... Not being able to hold a stall in the mid range should have been a pretty big clue eh? Have to lay it back and get back to ya if that helped or not. If not a picture will be posted and we'll figure this out. Still curious about how the pitch line works....
  5. I guess what I'd like to know is, how the second line from the upper LE fitting (pitch control?) works and is adjusted? I seem to be having ALOT of problems getting the kite to pitch in upright roll ups. Thinking maybe I need to lay the sail back on the angle of attack quite a bit from the stock bridle mark? But how should the pitch line be adjusted? I've moved it a little but haven't caught onto how it works. I know I don't have the timing down to roll up upright, but I can't get it to pitch hardley at all. Frustrated....
  6. I don't know if its been mentioned but your full sail with the race frame fly's fairly well indoors. Just a thought... So with just the std and vented you've got about a 30 mph wind range with the 3 frames, 90#, 150# and a couple short lite line sets.
  7. Hands down the BEST team routine I have ever seen. I love seeing the hesitations between one form to the next eliminated or shortened. Flippin' AWSOME!!!!!!! GO iQUAD!!!!
  8. Lookin good. I even like the color of this one. Seems to pop a little more than the red. Course Orange would look really good. So when do I get mine? me
  9. If I ok finacially I'll be there. I'll let you know a little closer to the 1st. Got my fingers crossed at any rate.
  10. Always thinking about it Mr. B. Not possible. But I always think about it. Dean
  11. 540 flat spin? Dean Ahem, check out the first move in this video. ahey, that one was pretty even. Do you feel even more graceful than you did before? I love flat spins. Hope you do too now. Dean
  12. I need a duallie NOW!!! Febuary pre order? So what're the color choices? Got a colorizor? You know it's a pretty kite, but it'd look hotter in Orange. Ok, other than the Orange part I'm just given you crap John. Wish I could have come up today. Hope ya had a good day. Dean
  13. We could use a team set of Rev's and lines and a bottomless ice chest of drinks for starters. You know I'm kidding. Every team needs a cheering section. You supply the team supplies, I'll get ya a set of Pom Pom's. Wind? We don't need no stinkin' wind. Ok, maybe we do. Unless our team bag comes with Zen's and 50lb line. Sorry, woke up in a good mood and my second thought of the day was of ya all and the fun ahead. Have a great day all ya all. Dean
  14. Being so far south and unable to plan things like this out for sure on my part with enough notice puts me outta the runnin'. But if life will let me out to play on a day when ya all are out I'll be there. I'd like to see our collective skills progress. Would be great to know that at least once a month there would be a chance at getting some team flying in. I still would like to learn to lead and call. Course, with the schedule of iQuad in the open it can now be worked around. If nothing else I can say I'll take full ownership of my hover. Dean
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