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  1. Hi What do you mean? I did not know this expression (i'm french)
  2. Hi First : happy to use it. Second : Wich version? 32 or 64 bit? I don't sure it works on ever 64 bit version. Did someone use it on Vista 64 Bits? Whatever, were it crash on 7? Did you follow installation process with .Net framework 3.5 and direct X 9 latest version? I think I will have time next week to test it on 7., for now I finalize the video record of 3D simulation window.
  3. Hi Two videos to see what the future version can do indoor : http://www.dailymotion.com/feanor91/video/15002662 and outdoor : http://www.dailymotion.com/feanor91/video/15309972 Have fun
  4. if you are nice, I may show it to you on my Mac that can run windows ;-) Hi or try mono, perhaps it will works. I don't know.
  5. Hello I've just try it....and you'r right : the download link is transformed by google translator too. Sorry but there is nothing to do. Meanwhile, when you have read the page in youtr languaage, go back to french page, where you can download soft as usual. When OK, you can choose english on the first launch. (the setup can be done in english to). I hope this will be helpfull. Regards.
  6. Arf...Bad luck, I'm Windows developper only. Meanwhile if it's a MacIntel, you can install a windows with bootcamp(?), and play with it. Sorry but one year more to write it on pc...No way I made it on another OS. Meanwhile, if someone want to do it, I am open to any sugestion.
  7. Hi I made a patch to update in version. Meanly bug correction in tricks system. Always on here -> KiteSimulator menu Have fun
  8. Hi Only Windows, XP or Vista, Multi boot on mac? Requires .Net Framework 3.5, Direct X 9 most recent version Hardware : I have a Core2Duo 2.8Ghz with 2 Go ram and an Nvidia 7600GT and 3D runs At 40FPS more with all objects in th gymnasium.
  9. Hello Here we are, finally, after a painful delivery, the quite new version of Kite Simulator. It is available on www.cramayailes-indoor.org section Kite Simulator. For reasons of follow-up of the downloads, a registration will be asked you before being able to download it. With regard to Kiteswap Editor, on which it is based, 2 major differences are the 3D simulation of what was codified (figures,tricks or ballets) and a modification of the language of codification to adapt it to the 3D simulation. I left to the version According to the bugs which I would discover, or which we shall indicate me and the interest carried to the program, it will evolve....or not. In particular, if demand is strong enough, I was looking for a way to implement the pairs and teams ... Finally, I see. For now, I will let fall a little programming, after one year of work on this program, I saturated a bit. I hope you find any interest in this program, and it may satisfy some. Now it's your turn. The ball is in your court. It will become what you want it to be. Have fun and good flight, whether real or virtual.
  10. Very very cool. How difficult is it to use the software. Is it nongeek capable? Is it appropriate for outdoors dualline? Hello It's not very difficult to use, you needs to learn a sort of coding language to code figure, taht is simple, and yes, it will be don for dual line outdoor and even for quad line indoor or outdoor. If you will see about the language, you can download the actual version (without 3D simulation) here : Cramay'Ailes and look for Kiteswap ine left menu. It is translate in english. Have fun
  11. Hello I've been posted a new video of my soft. It's on Daylimotion, here : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x82fsq_ki...or-cido-2_sport This time, it's a ballet that is simulated.
  12. Hello A little video of 3D simulation in action http://www.dailymotion.com/feanor91/video/11771293 It'zs calaculated in realtime from swaps.
  13. Hello After studious summer period, here is the last version of the program. version The main novelty is that I have to change 3D engine because the one that I used my suddenly informed that its license had expired. As it was a studying license, and I even not being any more student since a long time , I was not able to obtain a new one. Thus I have quit 3DState for go on with OGRE 3D, an free and open source engine. The advantage is that it is much faster, and that I be able to implementef effect more " Up to date ". The inconvenience, having been that it has needed that I learn how it works, and thus, I have lost a little time on Kiteswap Editor. So, having planned to be a part any 3D simulation during summer, everything is fallen into the water.The only positive point is that the virtual gymnasium in what indoor demos will take is finish up to 99 %, there are no more than 2 or 3 textures to be polished up (cupboards, one Whiteboard...).On the other hand, I do not still have had the time to model the beach where outdoo demos will take place, but before this, I am going to focus on the animation of the characters with OGRE because if I do not manage to deal with it (what would be surprising), it will be no need to talk about simulation at all. Otherwise, at the level of bugs, it has had a big one there to repair: we could not simply add of figures in the ballet track. Now it is possible. Another improvement, if you place the mouse on the posture of the last one visible slot of the track of slots Ballet, the track begins scrolling automatically, what allows, if you have to show the 3D window to see a preview of the postures of the kite. To download, for tose who haven't download previous version : www.cramayailes-indoor.org/Kiteswap Otherwise, when you will launch your version, the program will suggest you getting back new version. Have fun
  14. Hello Here the publication of the week : version As important changes were made in way to save files in "My document" folder and on files in installation folder, I wish to advise you to save figures that you have created or modified, delete folder KiteSwap in "My Document" and to proceed to uninstalation of application before installing this new version. As important changes have been made in way to save files in "My document" folder and on files in installation folder, I wish to advise you to save figures that you have created or modified, delete folder KiteSwap in "My Document" and to proceed to a desinstallation of application before installing this new version. -Correction of a bug in speech synthesis that cause to a badly reading of first figure of a ballet -The reading of figure are much more accurate -The position counter of music is corectly updated when pause or stop button are activated -A new menu has been added to track menu allowing to change name of a figure on the track (to adjust reading by speech synthesis if a figure name is too long for example) -Log files of 3D engine are deleted after application was shutdown -The save system has been modifies (in my document folder) allowing to create figure with same name for different purposes (eg 2/4 lines, indoor/outdoor).You are placed automaticaly in good folder to open figure according to your last choice in line numbers and environment (radio buttons) -Exemples of figures 2 lines outdoor has been added and some indoor figures has been modified -Dificulties of figures files has been adapted to the new save files system to track your habilities on figures in different environment/line number -Correction of a bug in changing zone system in ballet -A new column has been added to ballet grid in printing zones indication -A menu "Speech options" has been added grouping different option for speech synthesis (see help for more informations) -State 1 has been modified to allow to translate linear or horizontal movement -Loading of 3D preview window has been accelerated Ro sownload, for tose who haven't download previous version : www.cramayailes-indoor.org/Kiteswap
  15. ah hem....Try Ballet open, TestVoix.bal, I think....But for the moment, there is only speech synthesis wich can see (ear in fact) you someting 3D simulation of things are works in progress... have fun
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