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  1. what makes the quantum not trick as well as the Hypnotist...? would it be worth it to spend 120 on the E2 now and bypass the Hypnotist?
  2. Hello to everyone here... I am brand new to the forum , just registered this weekend. However, I have been reading quite a bit the last week or so. Through much of my research this past week on this forum and browsing manufacturers websites, I think I have mu first kite purchase down to 3 choices. Prism Nexus - due to the attractive 55$ pricetag. Not too sure if it will be big enough for me to train on? Prism Quantum - seems a little nicer than the Nexus and only 30$ more. Seems like the most Bang for Buck Prism Hypnotist - seems a little better/different than the Quantum... please ex
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