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  1. Hi, in the 70's i made a train of Georges kites, 7 in total, 6 with a span of 4m and the manlifter had a span of 7m. one send one of the 6 as a pilot kite, at about 150m you have the first stop for the nr. 2 to anchor, every 40m a stop to anchor the other 4. the pull is enormous. the man lifter is send up the line last it had a trapeze chair and bridle control, to pull up or slide down. It was very tricky, we needed always 4 to 5 guys for the set-up, and only managed a couple of successful flights/manlifts. 80kg lift was no problem. This was also done with Cody's (more successfully)
  2. hi, i built a copy of a "Lamson" 5ft ( with the curved wings) the only way to fly it is at a single point, from the nose.
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