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  1. As it happens I actually did get a call from a freind the other day telling me she forgot to get me a Xmas present and was about to order me something and asked what I wanted, I told her about the Kite and shes not going to put some money towards getting one with this happening I am starting to up my choices slightly and now have my sights set on the Hypnotist from prism. Still I am most greatful for all the advice given so far.
  2. I was wondering if it would be posible to pick some of the more experienced flyer's brains on which kite it would be the better choice to start into this hobby with. Sadly I am on limited budget due to ill health at the moment and will probably be getting the kite as a birthday gift from freinds so really they would only be intrested in buying new. I have been looking at the range of kites available and have been drawn between the following: The Prism Nexus or even the Quantum at a push and the HQ Yukon or Jive. The Jive also being towards top end of what I want to spend or have spent on
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