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  1. mensct

    wildwood fly with mel and scott

    we'll have fun without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I just whack them off with a fine.
  3. mensct

    15' Inflatable Caterpillar

    i NEED that caterpillar!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. mensct

    Vintage KAP

    very cool
  5. mensct

    B-Series Vented

    I saw him in the parking lot of the hotel a couple of hours ago. I think he went to bed. He's really tired....tomorrow will be ok!!!!! Melanie NOT in Tennessee
  6. mensct

    B-Series Vented

    YOU are the SWEETEST bear EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. mensct

    Leftie or rightie ?

    The Bear must be right!! (left????) I was once right handed. Now, I'm left handed......long story. The short version is that I was paralyzed and my right was affected more than my left. My life is MUCH BETTER and HAPPIER now!!! That must be why!!!! Thanks for explaining it, Mr Bear. Melanie in Tennessee
  8. mensct

    B-Series Vented

    John, Jinx has a greatidea but she really means for you to bring it to me. The 15th is only 2 days after my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Melanie in Tennessee
  9. mensct

    Two one year renewals, chime in!

    la la la la <chime> ding ding my favorite is my black rainbow RevSUL Tennessee, of course
  10. mensct

    Happy New Year

  11. mensct

    I have a kite to give !

    email sent My daughter would just go CRAZY over that witch!!!!!
  12. mensct

    B-Series Vented

    and I can't even spell present either
  13. mensct

    B-Series Vented

    Thanks, John. A Birthday ptrsent for ME!!!! I can't wait for you to pick my number!!!! Melanie in Tennessee
  14. mensct

    16' Magic Delta

    Yeah, but I NEED it!!!!! I've gotta lotta laundry that needs puttin up in the sky!!!! Melanie in Tennessee
  15. OK, ya'll, We've been planning this awesome event down at Nags Head NC for Thanksgiving weekend. (AKA sanctioned) There will be roped-off fields on the dunes on Thursday thru Saturday. Kitty Hawk Kites is providing FREE lodging for a limited # of flyers and Thanksgiving dinner too. (aren't they so sweet?) HQ and Chris Shultz are providing a party at a local bar. (SHOTCARZ!!!) Prism, Jackites and Premier are sending GOOD STUFF for us to give away!! Every flyer will get a prize!!! On Friday evening there will be an indoor fly at the Nags Head Family YMCA and we will participate in the annual Kites With Lights on Saturday night!!! Sound like fun?? Well, yeah!!!!! Who wants to come??????? Email my husband, Scott, at melnsct (at) aol (dot) com to reserve your space in the FREE lodging!!!! I can't wait to fly with you!!!!!!!!!!!! Melanie in Tennessee