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  1. photomom

    After The Storm

    After spending the week cleaning and removing debris, I was looking forward to a community kite fly as a means to get away from it all. Unfortunately, Fort Macon State Park is closed. For how long, we have no idea. They are doing damage assessment and repair and have to see how much beach remains after the storm. After The Storm
  2. photomom

    All I Wanted To Do Was Fly

    The community kite fly day has come and gone. An unwanted guest showed up and caused a cancellation. The guest's name -- FLORENCE. Hurricane Florence brought two days of high winds and three days of rain. And evacuations and curfews which kept us from the beach. All I Wanted To Do Was Fly
  3. photomom

    I Hadn't Realized

    Things in life distracted me and I hadn't realized that it has been two years since I wrote anything. To those who were following me, I sincerely apologize. The good news is we haven't stopped flying our kites. I Hadn't Realized
  4. photomom

    help buying first kite for me and my son

    I have to agree. You're overthinking. My first foul was a Symphony 1.8. I don't care for a lot of pull (some is fun) and the 1.8 was the ideal for me. I flew mine with a streamer tail for looks. I have now attached an Eel banner instead and it looks like the eel is chasing the kite across the sky. I also have the 1.4 which is smaller and quicker. My husband has the 2.2 for the greater pull (which our son-in-law loves). Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach carries a variety of tails and kites. They also have a foil by Skydog Kites that is very similar to the Symphony line. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. photomom

    Trilby bridle details; anyone remember?

    I have several stacks of Trlbys I can take photos of. However, it will have to wait until the Hurricane passes. I'm kind of pre-occupied now.
  6. photomom

    During the Forum Issue.

    Attending the Mile High Kite Fly at Beech Mountain, NC. Too busy flying kites and being with friends to notice the forum was down. My bad.
  7. photomom

    A Kitebuilding Success

    Just wanted to share the news from the Mile High Kite Fly at Beech Mountain, NC. There was a kitebuilder's comp there this past Saturday (Labor Day weekend). My modified edo, Koi Pond, took first place. And Esinger's Brasington 3/4 Stealth delta took second place. Winds were too light to get a decent flight picture so I'll add one we took before leaving for the festival.
  8. Just got home from the Keystone Kiters Summer Kitebuilders Workshop. We made Mike Mosman's modified Edo. It was a great learning experience in some new techniques. Not mention I've now got a great new kite.
  9. photomom

    Your Hands, Your Kite, Your Turn

    I have to agree. Take the leap and make a kite. I've made several kites over the past few years and eacjh one is special in its own way. I usually make single line kites and applique an image or design on the sail. I made a quad line kite to go with a specific routine I performed at our local kite festival. I have several plans on my list to make in the future. Kite Plan Base ( has old plans, new plans and plans from around the world. And there are several kite-making workshops during the year. GO FOR IT!! MAKE A KITE!!!!!!
  10. Last weekend I attended a kite building workshop lead by Robert Brasington. Over the two days I completed building a Stealth Delta kite. It was a great weekend learning his techniques for building and spending time with other kite builders and friends. I also purchased the kit to make the Brasington Batty Boy train. That will be my winter project. If any of you get a chance to attend one of Robert Brasington's workshops, jump on it. No matter how experienced you may or may not be, it will be worth it.
  11. photomom

    Hello from Wilson, NC

    Welcome to the group. I've been to Wilson several times for various fine art exhibitions. Live in Morehead City and fly at Fort Macon and Atlantic Beach. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  12. photomom

    Building the Phoenix

    I was following an online workshop on One instruction step a week for five weeks. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  13. photomom

    What Would You Choose

    I use 50# for my light wind kites, 100# for my mid-range kites, and 150# for my stacks. I don't fly in high winds. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  14. photomom

    Building the Phoenix

  15. photomom

    Building the Phoenix

    Is anyone here following and building the Phoenix from the kitebuilders site? I'm just interested who's with me. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app