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  1. I am still around, PM me for details....... http://kitelife.com/forum/messenger/compose/?to=3472
  2. The price for this item is negotiable, and I do accept PayPal............... The reason for sale is I am unemployed, and my finances are taking a major hit. I am concerned about making home and auto payments without racking a credit card up to the hilt........
  3. Yep, both were yours originally JB, I got them from you. Whoever buys these will be the third owner.
  4. Hi all! I am still here, but life has thrown me some major curves. Right now my workshop is full of, "ahem", crap, and it makes it really hard to find the space, and sometimes, find the tools, to make parts for kite stakes. I have also lost my source for the Davis kite stakes, Davis glass the maker of the really nice marbles, is no longer in business. I still have originals, and I have a few in my rack right now, but choices are limited. PM me here or on facebook and I will send you photos of what I have ready to go. Other than that, once I am able to clean out the 8ft high mound of boxes out of my workshop, have a major yard sale, and get back to a real life job, I will be able to start making stakes again, and opening my online sales. Not everything in photo is available......must contact me to see what I have.
  5. The original Ninja Eyes set by Bazzer. This is the very first set made, and are the only one of two sets made in the Rev1 sail size. Sails were sewn by Bazzer, but they were finished by Revolution. They are the only kites finished by Revolution that does not have the revolution logo imprinted on them, that I know of. The other kite set is owned by Ben Dantonio, retired general manager of revolution(the last I heard). AS far as I know, these are the kites that started the series of special kites made by master kite makers for Revolution. This set is one vented and one full sail kite, with stacking lines, 120ft laser pro line set, 15 inch snagless handles. The kites are in very good shape, I never flew them in high winds and always took good care of them. No rips, tears, or stains, mesh is in excellent shape. The buyer will be tasked with keeping a bit of Revolution history, they are listed in John Mitchell's list of notable kites in Revolution's past. $2000, including Priority shipping in the US. I will consider offers. I do dicker.
  6. The website working well has more to do with the framework my webmaster built for me. He spent a few hours tweaking things so they would respond well to several different devices. All I am doing is filling the pages with content.
  7. Hey All! JB let me know I needed to stop by. Kiting history, funny. Use a metal polish like silver/brass polish, that will brighten up your handles and stakes. I had the chance for some one on one with my webmaster, and learned a bunch about making a website. I am COMPLETLY redoing it, and it is almost done. I am missing good stock photos of some of my products, and I have a bit more content to add, but you will see I have expanded my line up by a little bit. But how about a sneak peek for my fellow KiteLife members? http://kitestakes.com/newsite/ Enjoy!
  8. This would be nice to win! They would go with the black ghost I have now for a group of Dementors chasing Dumbledore.....
  9. My number was drawn once before, will lighting strike twice?
  10. If my number came up, then I would be forced to invent my own version of a buggy........... This is one by Popeyethewelder, pretty cool!
  11. JB, I need to make an appointment with for updating my site, it needs it BAD! Will talk with you soon. I am selling these, I am making them to order ATM. I haven't figured out pricing, I want to show the first one to a couple folks first and test the waters. I got to make sure that they are a sellable product in the price range I have in mind, knowing how much it took to get the matierials I made them with. If someone preferrs lighter line, I can load it with a temporary line so they can pull through the line they preferr. I did look at the fishing pole style....
  12. I now have the LS Magic Wand. It is an indoor single line kite wand with 3/8 inch carbon fiber tube, polished aluminum guides, and hypalon grips in your choice of blue, red, black, and green. They are 4 feet long, and comes loaded with 25ft of 90lb laser pro gold line. I will post a photo of the first one soon!
  13. Don't know about ya'all, but I think I bought my first true masterpiece. This is drop dead beautiful! Steve Derooy sewed this Rok, after I saw a bengal tiger Rok in the same pattern that he donated to the SPI auction a few weeks ago. I told Steve that if he sewed a white tiger Rok that I would buy it for my wife. Boy did he come through! I get to pick this up at the Rev Clinic in Long Beach WA in two weeks, and present it to my wife as a Anniversary present. I cannot wait to see her react to knowing it is hers! Steve, Thank You so much! This is THE nicest kite I will own.
  14. While at WSIKF, i bought a 19' banner pole from one of the vendors. My thought was to make a banner I can put up at festivals so folks could see where I was set up so they could find me if they wanted one of the kite stakes I make. I would also love to join in the march of colors next year at WSIKF, as a way to advertise my hobby business. I would like to sew my own, but need to know what matierials to use, and where to get them. If anyone knows of a website with some sort of how to that would be revelant, that would be very helpful too. This would also give me some expierience sewing so I could start making a few kites of my own in the future. I figure a banner is not as hard to sew and get "right" as a kite would be. I did look at a few banners and how they were put together, so basic construction I have a fair idea of.
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