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  1. Thank you for your valued advice as to which kite to buy . . . . am ordering the Quantum but, oh dear, another problem . . . . which colour is the most satisfying way up there against white puffy clouds . . . . (very difficult to tell from a small picture on a web page). Will be flying on the beach . . . . blue sky, blue sea (will Ice be lost ?) against a green background (poor old Citrus) but will Fire attract unwelcome attention like . . . . "There's that crazy old fool who whacked grandma, let's cut his lines !!!!" So . . . . which one do you all prefer ?
  2. I have just moved to a delightful little island with an amazing 8 km beach that, apart from the summer months, is virtually deserted and so have decided to buy myself a kite. Diligently I read the 22 pages of this forum's 'Beginner's Questions' and after digesting the information therein decided that the kite for me would be the Prism Quantum until I discovered that it had a medium to strong pull that could create skid marks in the sand ! ! So I thought . . . . Nexus . . . and was just on the point of ordering one when I read on the 'Prism Web Page Forum' that someone was recommending a Q
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