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  1. After fling this kite in less than ideal conditions for about an hour in 30 deg sunshine, I found it to be fun. It's slow, but I think I like that. I can take what I learn on the Silver Fox to my Std kite. It did take a bit of effort to keep her in the sky in low winds. I took the upper spreader off and flew it in both '3point' and 'turbo'. I am a NooB pilot and I was able to make a fade rise to the top of the window, I did my first axles, and with a little practice, I think I can do a pretty good side slide. I felt more in control of this kite than any other kite I've flown. (*remember I am NooB) I can tell that I am going to enjoy this new toy. -Mark
  2. Here's the situation: I have a French Connection who's bridle is wearing at the center 'T'. I love my French Connection, but the original bridle is set so that it's difficult to make adjustments. I want to change the configuration so that adjustments are easier to make. I have 2 ideas 1) Rather than have the bridle attach to the upper spreader, I'll have it attach to a bit of line with knots along it. (like the Acrobatx) 2)Change the bridle completely so that the nose can be pulled forward or back using a prussik knot. Has anyone else rebuilt their 'factory' bridle? Do you have any advise for a NooB? -Mark
  3. Shultzie: I am awaiting the arrival of a brand new Silver Fox 2.5 UL. I am quite used to forcing my French Connection to fly.(they should have called it the "Panzer") The thing's a tank. Although the SF2.5UL is heavy, I hope it will fly when my FC won't . Even 3-5Mph would be great. Good Wind Bro -Mark
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