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  1. Windstar

    Sad news... Scott Spencer!

    I just received the following message from Paul LaMasters, who received word from David Gomberg, regarding Scott Spencer! ----------------------------------- I’m saddened to report that Scott Spencer passed away in his sleep last night. Not a lot of other details are yet known. If you are not familiar with Scott’s many contributions, here are some excerpts from his recent nomination for the Edeiken Award. A great guy – we’ll miss him and his enthusiasm. David Gomberg Kiting History: Scott has been involved in Kiting most of his life and seriously got involved in our beloved hobby in 1979. He was given his first real kite then and decided that he could make it bigger. From that first little Dragon Kite he started sewing his own kites. Scott has been to 24 of the 30 AKA Conventions and considers himself the youngest oldster of the AKA, at the young age of 49. Scott has given, and been invited to teach at countless workshops. He has taught classes at the Oregon Kitemakers Retreat, Maryland Kitemakers Retreat, Midwest Area Kitemakers Retreat, Junction, and Fort Worden. He has also been a driving force in most of the South Jersey Kite Flyers (SJKF) workshops and has served as SJKF workshop coordinator. The workshops he has given to SJKF and other local clubs are countless. Scott has designed and flown single line, sport, and fighter kites. Scott has been an ambassador of kiting, traveling to India, Columbia, and England chasing the wind. He has also been invited to festivals throughout the United States. Leadership Examples: Scott is one of the backbones of SJKF and the AKA, working behind the scenes with both. Scott has served as Regional Director, AKA Treasurer, and twice as Workshop Coordinator for AKA Conventions. Scott has also been unofficially on the Election Committee of the AKA, counting ballots when help was needed. Scott has served as SJKF President, Vice-President and Director at Large. Scott is one of the founding members of SJKF and helped set the foundation of that club in the early stages. He is also a guiding force in the operations of SJKF. Scott puts in countless hours behind the scenes of both of these organizations. If you need a hand, Scott is there to help. Interpersonal Qualities: Scott has met and made many friends throughout the kiting community, not just locally, but through his travels nationally and internationally. While out on the kite field, it is not unusual to see Scott drop what he is doing to help someone with their kite. We consider Scott a personal friend who has helped us through many hard times and is always there to bounce an idea off of. Communications: Scott has written several articles for Kiting and for WindWriters, the SJKF newsletter. He has been interviewed and photographed by various local newspapers in the Philadelphia/ South Jersey area. Scott has worked hard to spread the joy of kiting to kids of all ages and to extol the advantages of being a member of the AKA Educational Activities: Scott gave Erin Edeiken her first real sport kite lesson at the AKA Convention in Iowa, then turned the duties over to Lee Sedgwick. Scott, as noted above, has given many kitemaking workshops, often coming up with new, innovative and exciting designs. He has also given many workshops at the AKA Conventions, most notably the make and take AKA table banners that many of us have had the pleasure of displaying on our desks. Scoot also has done many Library Displays, not only for National Kite Month. Scott presented the second ever online kite making workshop and has contributed many tutorials on the Kite Builders Forum, sharing many of the details if kite making to the world. Craftsmanship: Scott has awards from many of the kite making competitions that he has entered. He believes that he may have more AKA kite making awards than anyone. Scott has made and perfected the Facet Kite into a simple design almost anyone can make. He originated the Transition Tail and a unique graphic technique that weaves the material to create a complex graphic, but it is easy to do. The kites using this technique are outstanding. He has made so many artistic kites that I cannot remember them all. He also designed the SJKF Mother Banner and Personal Banners
  2. Windstar


    Kites made by David Davies
  3. Windstar

    KAP Photos

    Photos taken with Canon PowerShot A590IS
  4. Windstar

    Tribute to David Davies

    I just want to get to word out to as many kite fliers as possible, that I put together a special web page on my site... In Memory of David Davies I am asking, that anyone who knew David, has flown his kites or have enjoyed watching his wonderful creations, flying in the sky... to PLEASE e-mail me, to say a few words, in memory of David. I will also be posting photos of fliers with their kites, so please feel free to also e-mail me any photos you wish to share. e-mail Con Engels I have put together this page as a tribute to David Davies, for thanks to him for his friendship, and for his contribution to the kiting community. I am doing this in memory of David, for his wife Sue and son Howard ( and for all of David's family). So that they may know how many of us David has touched through his kites. Thanks to all who have emailed me thus far. Good Winds & Great Flying, Con Engels
  5. Windstar

    Sad news re David Davies creator of the Skydancer

    The following is an e-mail dated Oct 5th, that I received from David himself, after he receive our get well card that AKA attendees signed... Hi Con, " What a wonderful thing to do for a friend in trouble" Your card with all the signatures on arrived yesterday........I was too overcome with emotion to trust myself to talk to you, hence this email today. Please Please thank all the kiters you can for me!..........perhaps a short note of thanks on your web site saying how much I appreciated it would help............ Anyhow I am very grateful to you for going to the trouble and effort of doing it. I am on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at the moment, tomorrow I am going to have two more scans to try and see just how far the cancer has spread and in about a weeks time we will meet up with the chief consultant to hear what if anything they can do. In the meantime I just have to sweat it out. When you get a minute any photos from the convention would be welcome. Keep your fingers crossed for me......... David PHOTO OF DAVID at AKA convention in 2000 --------------------------- I plan on putting together a power point presention to send the David's wife Sue. It would be wonderful if David's friends could send me some photos og David's kites that they own. Action shots of the kites in the air, photo of flier's with David's kites and action shots of fliers having fun with David's kites, would be great! A link to my e-mail... Con Engels Thanks to all David Davies friends! Con Engels
  6. Windstar

    Sad news re David Davies creator of the Skydancer

    Sorry, it has taken me a little time to post, as I have been at a bit of a loss! I was very close to David, as I am David's US distributor for his kites, and more so than that David was a dear friend! I spoke with David about two weeks before he passed away, and I ideed saw his passing coming. However, I did not think it would be this soon. David's wife Sue called me on Thursday to tell me of David's passing. Dr. Mike, I that you for being David's friend and for hosting David's web site for all these years. And I thank you for coming up with the design of the Enigma, when David and I held the Skydancer design contest. The Enigma was then produced by David, in a very limited run, of which each was a one of a kind. John, it was I you saw at AKA convention, as I was there to fly David's kites, and also, I went around the room during Friday night's banquet to have all those the knew David or have flown David's kites, sign a get well card for David, which I later sent to him! Below is the tribute that I e-mailed to all those I could think of, and I apologize if I missed any fliers out there... I came to know David in January 1997, when I attended the Kite Trade Show in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Walking down the beach that fateful January day, I saw a kite from a distance that instantly drew my attention… it was a Skydancer Black Rainbow quad line kite, with long flowing 45’ matching tube tails. The way the kite flew, and interacted with the flier’s input and control was truly amazing. As many in fliers gathered around David Davies to talk with him about this new flying machine, they anxiously waited to have a go at flying it. When I finally had my turn at the controls of the Skydancer, it was nothing like I had ever flown before. I fell in love with the kite, and needless to say, I left Clearwater Beach with my very own Skydancer. Over the next few months, I kept in touch with David, and started talking with him about sharing the joy of flying his kites with others in the US. And in the years to follow, I had the privilege of getting to know David as a business associate, a fellow kite flier, and most of all as a good friend. David had traveled to the US to promote his kites on only 4 occasions, but everyone who has ever flown, or had the pleasure of watching his beautiful kites dancing in the sky has felt his impact. While visiting David and his wife Sue at their home in August of 2003, I had the chance to see a different side of David, as I had the chance to meet family members … One of a loving Husband, Father, and Grandfather. I also came to know that David had served in World War II, as a Glider Pilot. David was also an accomplished professional commercial photographer, which was his lifetime career before retiring. In the early ‘90s, David found a new love, and that was of kite flying, and making his Inter Active Kites, such as the SkyHawk, SkyEagle, Spectra, Enigma, Fijet, Bat, Ghost, Swift, his most famous Skydancer and many more. David Davies was a dear friend and I will miss him very much, along with the many who have had the pleasure to get to know him throughout the years. My sincerest sympathy goes out to his wife Sue, and to all of David’s family members. Although David is no longer here on Earth with us, I know that David will live on through his kites, and in the hearts of many. David was 82 years young! In loving memory of you David! Your friend over the pond, Con Engels Anyone wishes to send condolences; here is info for David’s wife: Sue Davies 36 Lawrence Drive Ickenham, Uxbridge Middlesex UB10 8RW United Kingdom