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  1. i think egan was taking the picture on that one.
  2. Not to sure could be thanksgiving or Christmas but will let ya know when I know. Good luck with the tail or kite bag. ISU recreation does have heavy ripstop.
  3. Hi Grandpa it was great to get to know you at Seaside. As far as sewing machines it took me a year of recearch to find the one i wanted. I now have a pfaff. Their is a big resorce on this subject at kitebuilder.com they talk about issues of what to look for. Such as Vertical bobins being better than a horizontal bobbin due to tension issues and such. let me know it i can help ya more in your search. As for the now wind indoor time try the mini dome that would be fun. take care.
  4. wow that looks great. I like the iQuad logo being recognized sepratly from the group that could almost be used by itself or with the team.
  5. We will be doing a night fly on sat. night. I definatly will conntact you (Grandpa) when I come back through southeast Idaho. Hopefully everybody can come watch the night fly.
  6. Is it time to start packing? I can't wait to fly team iQuad to much longer.
  7. I will be in the pocatello area from the 17th to the 20th of this month. If ya want to come fly.
  8. its a good posibility that the only rev team (i-Quad) will be there also..
  9. ya looks great flying while sitting around. Now all we need is team lazzy boy.
  10. I never win anyways. So it's mine
  11. Jumping Jack flash. Well then again, what are you trying to do with the kite? I am going to learn some tricks, so i want kite which is capable to do them. But i dont want some expensive kite, I am looking for some kine of compromise. I dont want US kite because of spareparts. Welcome to the wonderful world of kiting. I would have to recomend the Acrobatx by FLYING WINGS the same company that made the Beetle. Maybe the review in this next months issue will help with your choice process.
  12. I will be there for this one. And for all who want to come get a lesson on indoor flying come on out. So now you really don't have a excuse for not trying it. Chow, Todd
  13. Merry Christmas to all. It has been a wonderful year with you all and look forward to another great year with you all.
  14. I looked at santas list and im getin it...
  15. rudolph

    Lincoln City

    Thanks I wouldn't have gotten this far without great teachers. Their have been many to help with that and I owe you all a big thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. rudolph

    Lincoln City

    way cool I cant wait that event will make my first year in comp. funny to think how far I have come since then.
  17. Sea Devil STD Shiva SUL Shiva STD Shiva VENT VIP (x2) Sweetie Prism 3-d Level one JTM Prism Adrenaline Stack **extinct** Prism E-2 XTS STD Soon rev 1.5 now off to the kite shoppe
  18. rudolph

    Lincoln City

    great time now if we can get those storm troopers from star wars to come out from nationals to dunk a wolf in the river
  19. rudolph


    I know for a fact that the wren is in your price range and a very good kite for those dead days. I think it was all of the days when their was no wind that got me flying indoor in the first place all the more. In my case I would definatly give the kite shoppe a call and just see what amazing service can do. never hurts to do your home work.
  20. rudolph


    I would definatly recomend the sweetie. However for a couple pennys more you can get the sky sport design vip.
  21. Nice then we can have some fun demos this weekend. I managed to get my left rotation on the jacobs today with the xts.
  22. Man just my luck a chance to beat John indoor and I cant even go. Thats ok I'll get him at the next one.
  23. I'm with ya on this one John. I think that a panel of peers can be more apprechitive of tricks with overall conditions, Then with a panel looking at a card and not accounting dificulty due to dirty wind etc... Not to say that they dont I just feel my peers would be more in the know and say it how it is reflecting on how you fly.
  24. After a 8 hour drive from idaho coming into portland my spirit lifted as my eyes saw not only 1 kiteboarder but 20 as I followed the last leg of my trip home. Thanks so much to all out there that is growing the sport! Wheter we know it or not someone is always watching stay safe.
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