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  1. Maybe John can swap out a set of Natalies Legs for keeping us in suspenders for so long!
  2. Hi Folks. I have been following this thread with interest as i bought a Widow earlier this year as my first trick kite. I too had a hellishly noisy one till i took the advice here and fitted a leech line. Now the Widow is as quiet as my partners Wolf It certainly changed the character of the kite in that what i assume to be the tendency to want to over steer has increased. Tight spins seem to erm... over spin?? dunno if that makes sense. I am therefore wondering if the leech line is too tight. Having never fitted one before or flown a kite with the line added how tight should it be? and shoul
  3. oooooo...droool! Keeping everything crossed for another month is gonna hurt, but so be it!
  4. OOooooo nice! Just when i`m looking at getting a freestyle dualie to play with. But being realistic, i.e. more chance of finding a higgs boson in my back pocket than winning.... any thoughts on the HQ Maestro? or if that is a dubious choice what would be recommended for the £100 or under budget? Cheers
  5. any chance of a subscriber number update when you have a spare moment John?? Cheers
  6. Good Luck one and all! Random number generator + Dyslexia = i`m screwed... heh heh
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