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  1. Here is a crazy - uncontrolled flight - scary !!! Click here - Record Kite Flight - Oh $#@% !!! Help !!!
  2. Thanks for the great videos - it makes me want to try indoor flying. Nice job all. It looks like everyone was having fun. Now let me see, no wind + kites = Fun Thanks again for sharing - Mike
  3. Too Cool Guys - Thanks Steve for all the other vids as well. You guys rock. That bit under the shelter is very inspiring - Thanks Mike
  4. Update - I have tried to post some events to the calendar - It didn't work for me I think only moderators have access to post to it. I have contacted them - Thanks Mike
  5. Hello Everyone - Here's the Deal - I'm new to kiting community It is extremely hard for someone new or the general Public to find out about Kiting Events. (unless you know what you are looking for or where to look) I did a search on Yahoo for "Kiting Events in WA Sept. 2008" - Click here for the results - Yahoo Search Results I am totally amazed that information about upcoming events, competitions, and festivals about kiting are so hard to find. I did not know what AKA, KTAI, WSIKF, or all the others were without hours of research. I think there should be ONE page (calendar style) dedicated
  6. Hi - I just found out about the 2008 Whidbey Island Kite Festival (too late to go) :confused!: It is Today - Sept. 20th & 21st 2008 I can't seem to find any information on the forum or calendar about the event. I believe it is a AKA sanctioned event. I really would have liked to gone had I know about it soonier. Here is the website: Whidbey Island Kite Festival 2008 I'm sure if you are a competior you already know about this event - but the newbies and general public should be informed through this forum. If I missed it in here somewhere - I apologize. I'm Sad - Mike
  7. I couldn't have said it myself - I'm new to the community and forum; and I have noticed the same thing. Sometimes people reply - sometimes they don't. Me included !!! I will tell you this - your comments, pics, etc. ARE viewed and appreciated. Your are totally right though; more people should reply - Me included. Thanks for saying, what I'm sure hundreds, of forum readers are thinking. (Great pics by the way - keep em comin) Yur friend - Mike
  8. That lighting system is totally cool. Congrats. I'm sure there is a real market for a setup like that. I am very interested in your project - please put me on your list of fans and let me know your progress. Nice job - Mike
  9. Sorry John, if this is wrong place to ask a question - But where do I get one of those cool "Kitelife Subscriber #" thingy's ??? Thanks in advance
  10. I'm new to the community - just wanted to say this is an amazing site. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. You are a real ambassador to the sport. And you have mad skills!!! If there is anything I can do to help your efforts, please let me know.
  11. Guess I miss this one - lol This is a post test: - test - test - test Yippiee
  12. Yippiee

    Yippie's Hangar

    Brand New to Quads - Thanks Lolly, Sput, Penny, John and Eli - I'm Hooked !!! (WSIKF) Washington State International Kite Festival 2008 - Long Beach, WA
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