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  1. From http://kitelife.com/forum/index.php?act=mo...;module=gallery, clicking on the link to the Members Gallery (http://kitelife.com/forum/index.php?automodule=gallery&cmd=sc&op=user) yields the title bar "406 Not Acceptable" and page text "Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource /forum/index.php could not be found on this server. Apache/1.3.37 Server at www.kitelife.com Port 80" I thought the pix were pretty acceptable, last time I looked at them ...
  2. godric

    The worst day flying ...

    ...is better than the best day in the office
  3. The link from http://kitelife.com/forum/index.php?act=idx to "Current" points to http://www.kitelife.com/archives/current, which generates a 404 error. It should point to http://www.kitelife.com/archives/current.htm, which redirects to the actual current issue. It's been that way for a while, and can wait until John gets back from Berck ...
  4. Okay, I was out of the country when all this happened, but yippee! Somehow this is always the kite to which my daughter gravitates every time we go to an indoor event. Not to mention her old man ...
  5. Further details at http://aka.kite.org/cal_dtl.php?event_no=2931 . I'm kinda disappointed that they're holding it on the municipal beach -- on the upside, it'll be very visible to passers-by (and there should be a lot of those), but there's only about one good quadrant for wind on that beach (directly onshore to about 60 degrees toward the yacht harbor). Moving out of Monterey Bay onto the Pacific Ocean beaches up what the locals call the North Coast gets you into some humongous winds sometimes, but even when they're light they're cleaner than the winds on the north end of the bay. Unfortunately, you could hold a festival with hundreds of flyers out there and nobody would see it. All told, the visibility-to-passers-by issue will win the day, and it should. Figure on relatively turbulent air (winds coming around the Coconut Grove, or around the municipal wharf), enjoy the sun and the sand, and wow the locals. I've flown a time or two on 4th Avenue Beach during some of our wintertime visits to see my folks, and have never failed to meet some folks who have no idea what a stunt kite is.
  6. In addition to the other references, you might try these folks: http://www.8ung.at/skylines/sl/micro/start.html. They have a distributor in the USA. More info at http://www.8ung.at/skylines/sl/micro/sources.html. Please accept the condolences of this forum for your loss, and our best wishes for this and other phases of your healing.
  7. I can identify -- I tried to fly at a beach in California recently, and missed the sweet spot by about 300 yards (as the crow flies -- more like a mile and a half as I would have had to travel to get there). The breeze was offshore, and coming off the top of the cliff behind me, and I was in a hole, wind-wise. I'm betting, though, that the forum has a lot of members who live at the beach and who could direct us inlanders to some clean wind. If only we knew who they were, and where to find them ...
  8. Judging from the map, everybody but AudioRob is an inland dweller, and the Northwest US valleys are hotbeds of kiting! Guess all the beach flyers must be out flying in that gorgeous clean wind, and not sitting around at the computer wishing the wind would either (1) start blowing or (2) pick a direction in which to blow ...
  9. Apparently not yet -- I'm still being greeted as Guest and prompted to log in on every visit. I use Firefox, so it's no major deal (I can tell it to remember passwords, regardless of what the site does, so getting logged in is a two-click process), but the cookie handling should still probably get fixed at some point. I can provide a list of the current cookies, their contents and expiration dates, if you're interested. Thanks again for all you do!
  10. godric

    Lincoln City

    [FX: more intensive Web search than last time, discovering http://members.aol.com/goodheavens/dbl_lark.html] Yep, that's me, being a knothead ... Okay, Ronda, I now see the difference between the Prusik, which is a Lark's Head done twice, and a Double Lark's Head, which I'd never seen before. I'll have to tie that one a time or two and think about the situations in which I might use it. Thanks for the correction!
  11. godric

    Lincoln City

    Howdy, Kitepilot -- Ronda uses the falconer's knot to tie down a single-line kite that has been hand-launched, so one hand is occupied hanging on to the line. The requirement is for a knot that can be tied with one hand, which is secure but easily released, and the falconer's knot fills the bill. Thanks for the info on the San Diego Jam knot -- I'm a fan of knots, but my repertoire has shrunk instead of growing in the last few years! The double larkshead sure looks like a Prusik to me. I was introduced to them in different contexts (the Prusik was commonly used by mountain climbers for ascending ropes in the days before Jumar ascenders became common), but the slip-and-hold feature remains the primary aspect of the knot in both that application and kiting. Ronda noticed toward the end of the day Saturday, after hauling buckets of sand up from the beach that morning, that nobody had tied the tent down to the buckets! Maybe I'll show her the tautline hitch, so she can facilitate that process with her otherwise able and willing crew.
  12. godric

    Lincoln City

    The drive down from Portland was beautiful, with fall foliage and looming clouds, but the rain got to the festival before I did. I caught a little bit of the last demo, after which the clouds started to really open up, so there was no chance to do any flying. Had fun helping a bunch of the Lincoln City crew and the kite folks who were involved in various aspects of stashing gear out of the wet. Took my soaked self over to the local kite shop for some little items that I needed, then my somewhat drier self to the casino for dinner with a bunch of the kite folks. Despite the weird ambience of the casino, it was a lovely conversation with some delightful people. Ronda, thanks for teaching the falconer's knot to all of us at the table -- I owe you a knot, next time our paths cross! The fishermen have a saying that "the catching was awful, but the fishing was great" -- I'd modify that for Saturday afternoon/evening to say that "the flying was awful, but the festival was great!"
  13. Live and learn ... I used the "show me my last ten posts" feature, saw that there was no information below my username, and replied on that basis. I now see that the view from within the forum is different than the view in a search-result window.
  14. Well, let's see -- I don't really care that much about a .sig block, but the bit to the left of the posting wouldn't be bad to have filled in a bit. Proud supporter of the work that I am, it should show up somewhere! (followup) -- wow, you're quick -- it was there as soon as I posted! Once again, you're answering faster than I can request; thanks again for all you do! Fair skies, good winds -- -- Paul
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