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  1. HippyChippy

    UK Quad Clinic (Aug 31-Sep 1, 2017)

    Big thanks to John B. and to my fellow flyers for making their photo's/ videos available here too. @JWharton. I couldn't have put it better myself mate. Big Hugs to all. @Makatakam. Hi there Makatakam. Errrm... Yes! And so did this seagull which was hanging around listening to John B. for ages. It found his explanation of the stitching on the trailing edge absolutely fascinating and even took a step nearer to listen in.
  2. HippyChippy

    UK Quad Clinic (Aug 31-Sep 1, 2017)

    Hi Sarah. No sadly not. It belongs to 'Jonesey' who was in our Rev' Team when I lived on the South Coast (UK), and I was never able to get him to part with it. I might try flying the album cover as a single-liner one day though!
  3. HippyChippy

    UK Quad Clinic (Aug 31-Sep 1, 2017)

    Hi Folks. Just a quickie to say I'm looking forward to meeting you all. I've just booked into Howarth House but I'm sure there's a local tavern that everyone can collapse in after dashing about Indoor Flying. ; ) Regards, Les.