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  1. Hello SHBKF, Nice write up. I am going to try just one at a time, I did purchase this set of Red, White and Blue to stack, but I want to get the feel for the kite first. Boys just want to have some fun. Taking the Grandkids out to the field and just "gonna let her fly"
  2. Hello All: I just can't contain myself, I just received three of the most beautiful kites, at least to me, that I have ever had the pleasure to play with, they are absolutely beautiful, one in each of Red, White and Blue and made by Peter Powell complete with signed kite sleeve, Wahoo, bring me some wind, I am out of here, gotta go play tomorrow, hope I can sleep tonight.
  3. What all the above have said, and while your at it, go for a set of Magic Sticks. They are the cat' meow. You couldn't have had a better place to have a "breakdown" if you had planned it. Good luck with the repair and Happy Flying.
  4. I can't tell you how much this thread has inspired me as a new Rev Pilot. I would even say it should be Required Reading for any new Rev Pilot or "wannabe" pilot. I have very limited experience (learning on my own for the time being) and have 'lived" the dream through this thread and "living the dream through the computer screen and flying via Visa Card, if you get my drift. I have the kites, now it's time to get out there and have the experience. Thanks once again for all the great insight, knowledge, and well intents given by such a great "crew" that resides at this great site. All the best
  5. My question is, what makes it rare?
  6. Hello AzKiter, Yes I won the bid, and it was less than the original asking, so I am very happy with the deal. Hopefully I will be flying it tomorrow if the winds pickup a bit. Cheers, Larry
  7. Item #13 on AKA site: Premier Kites 9ft delta. complete including line on yo-yo reel. circles/spears. flown 2 times $45 Is it still available?
  8. Thank you all, yes it did work out in the end, very excited to give this puppy a go....
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