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  1. Bill

    Team Kites

    We are now using Nirvana's exclusively, except in real light wind conditions we will still pull out the WSO SUL. Our new routine was written around the Nirvana as much as our old one was written around the Mamba. See ya, Bill member 6th Sense
  2. I guess it has gotten around. Hadn't a clue. You didn't do anything wrong Rob, nothing to be sorry for. Go ahead and post it to your website if you are so inclined. I was just shocked to see it somewhere else and reacted to it. As far as your original question, I would not get Thor for light wind flying. That video was shot in 4-5 mph wind, and that is about the lowest I like to fly it in. I don't think he will survive being framed lighter, I have broken a couple rods in it now fairly easily and they are 10mm and 12mm rods. There are a lot of nice light wind kites around, but most are going to
  3. Nice to see my video getting around (http://kytewidow.home.comcast.net/ThorBig.MPG) but it is usually good form to ask permission to put it on another website..... C'est la vie. See ya, Bill Rogers
  4. Just stumbled onto this thread and thought I would comment. Your above statement Terry pretty much sums up your original question IMO. It is nice if the judges understand the trick flying, but the most important thing is do the tricks fit the music? If they do, and the judges can see that, then it is really a moot point whether they know the name of the trick or not. On the other hand, even if they fully understand a trick, but it is a gratuitous trick and has nothing to do with the music, then they should be tagging you for it, not rewarding, no matter how good the trick was. For the longest
  5. Ok, now that I have read the article, I still say TBA. I have heard this argument for a while now, and while I understand the issue of the "public" wanting to know the scores right away (we are an instant gratification society), I also understand some major drawbacks if we started doing this. If the scores were given right away on the field, which would require a much simpler scoring system (changing of the IRBC rules, etc), I know of some judges that would stop judging. Remember, these are not professional judges out there. Some aren't real confident in their scores, but are willing to judge
  6. Well, guessing the (soon to be) text from the topic my vote is for TBA. Always has been and always will be. Winning at nats was a lot more fun after the anticipation of being TBA for a couple days. I know we are an instant gratification society, but I still like TBA. Just my $.02, if I have guessed correctly. See ya, Bill
  7. I am just in shock over this, can't really wrap my mind around the fact that he is gone. Mike will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family. Bill and Jeannie Rogers
  8. Looks like the teams are now set and the figures are also up. Abiento! See ya, Bill Team 6th Sense.
  9. Again, from the email I sent you a week or two ago: "Definition of a prop: A prop is any object used in the course of a competitor's performance that is NOT: - attached to a kite being flown - part of a kite's control system (like handles, straps, lines, etc.) - part of the competitor's costume " That is the definition we will be using. See ya, Bill
  10. Not without changing the rules. The only time what the flyer is doing comes into play is in the entertainment value. As a judge, I have to judge to the current rule books to the best of my ability. Doing so, if two people flew identical pieces, one sitting on the floor and the other not, they would both get the same score. I understand your point, but that is how I read the rule book. See ya, Bill
  11. Entertainment value only, It wouldn't help 85% of the score. Again, for the ballet portion, the judges are only judging what the kite is doing, not what the flyer is doing. If the flyer is standing on their head, it just doesn't matter, except for entertainment value As long as the purpose of the banner pole is to fly the kite, I have no problem with it. Sounds like a really long handle to me If the pole is used for something besides flying the kite, then we have an issue. No problem, I appreciate being able to clear this up before the actual event. See ya, Bill
  12. That is incorrect. In the entertainment value portion, the costume, kite, flyer, etc. all come into play. In the choreography and execution portion the flyer doesn't come into play, just like outdoors. See ya, Bill
  13. That is not the case. There is only one indoor disipline in the rule book. 60% of the score is choreography, 25% is execution, and 15% is entertainment value. The entertainment value component takes into account the whole routine including costume, kite, etc. The choreography and execution are almost identical to what we would judge in a normal outdoor ballet routine. No, under the indoor rules it specifically says no use of props. See ya, Bill
  14. Bill

    oh no.....

    Glad to hear she is doing better Kirstie. We missed you guys at Westport. See ya, Bill
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