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  1. Jon T's Addiction for about 80.00 bucks. I Love it with a bit stiffer leading edges in mine though. Now it tricks and goes to the wall and back. However I have done a lot more to my Addiction than that and it flies a lot HOTTER now than Stock. "Understand" that my Addiction is made by Premier and not one of Jon T though!~!~!
  2. I Personally have always trusted my VAPOR for indor flying on 15 to 20 foot lines MAX!~! I just got the new 4d and I have a 3d by prism. The 3d is great on 15' However Any to linw kits your going to to have to work your Ass off and be sure of your movements. Simple, Exact, things are meant to be. I not yet tried the Skate but Ive watch the video and it looks Fun. I Can almost fly a "REV" in the wind. No wind however. is asking wayyyy to much. What do you think there John my Friend do you hear a "Impact" coming here shortly??? Fast Eddy
  3. Hey Beautiful Sorry for not Saying Hello and WELCOME to Portland any sooner! I have been Down and sick for a while... I hope you and JOHN are both GREAT!~! Tell him Hello from Mr ED at Harbor Wind and KITE in Ventura and I hope to see you Both at Berkeley this year!~!

    Mr ED

  4. Duane In my experience of teaching students who hit the wall. I have found three common sticcking points in what they seem to have in common. Most of them if you would think of them a bit will make obvious since in your own flying once pointed out to you. SO I am just going to list them out and send you a few pointers to help with each one. 1) Set up of the kite for the conditions of the day / winds. 2) Consistency in doing the maneuvers at hand that your trying to accomplish. 3) Smooth consistent Hands and positioning of the kite in the "WINDOW and POSITION." So with number
  5. Berkeley was just TOO much FUN!~!~!

  6. WOW This List alone could be a SUPER long list Although this day and age it seems that the ALL mighty dollar is one of the biggest factors. Fallowed by the Newest members to what we do. Then cost of maintenance over all if one should break something if that said kite is NOT durable enough, OUCH!~! My first choice would be for Any beginner who wants to start learning to trick anything as a "Instructor," would be the ADDICTION by Premier. All .0157 solid carbon rods, except for the lower spreader. A Great medium handed kite that tricks well with very decent flight characteristics right
  7. HMMmmmmmmmm Are Boomerrangs and Other Wind toys Covered under our AKA INSURANCE while we're out flying in these instances??? IT sucks that our society has gotten this bad. I do hope you can touch base with ernie and see if things are O K. Remember tomorrow is yet another day of FUN and PEACE. EITHER WAY YOUR DAY SUCKED!!!!! Mr ED
  8. Hey Ben, I just posted to you in a P M. Ya what He SAID!!!! The Kites does fly sorta O K as a whole. The Man who built these kite does put on a very good display in his demonstration in his clips with the kite. As for Me flying the kite with Years of experience in Dual. As well as Time in Quads. I just couldn;t get it to do much of anything like he did. Now the best of the three you have listed in My Opinion is the TC - UR It Float really well and if your not careful the Lawn dart is QUICK!!! in the TC-UR as well. It was the last version. It is the Red and Black W/ a yellow ish
  9. AHhhhh The Knot Issue on this Kite. I took a SIMPLE piece of Heat shrink Tubing I think it was a 3/8 inch piece or a 1/4. I know this It was the SMALLEST piece I could FORCE!!!! over the three knots. Then I shrunk it down to cover up the Problem area. Lesson Learned was YOU MUST barely cover the knots and strings that go to the kite. Less than 1/8th of a Inch for the Lines need to spread out etc. Down over the Knots I went just more than 1/4" when it was all shrunk up to cover all the glue etc. Just be VERY aware of your Temps on the tubing as you shrink it as to NOT Burn your lines.
  10. Here is a ""PRIME"" example of where a DECENT shop and experience of a that shop come into play. The Instructors and the "Questions" they come too ask you before the just SELL you something and Take your MONEY!~! Many people especially in this the Kiting world do "NOT" want to spend the extra 10 to 20 dollars on a Kite at a local shop. When they can buy a kite on~line at a discount. Prime example of this is what I sent you Personally Jon, in a Private message. A Good / Decent shop in my Years of Experience, is a customer based shop, that will ask a person the fallowing things befor they pur
  11. Hey Jon For Giggles and Chits Have you ever looked at a Premier ADDICTION??? It is only 60 ~ 80.00 bucks at the MOST!~! Now there is the shop I work for as the Head flight Instructor / test pilot as well. They have developed a KIT to put into the kite and it makes it fly like you would not believe. We are doing Reversing back spins with that little 7.4 oz kite. It is DURABLE as can be and it will take a lot of abuse and comes with very nice Dynema lines. I forget what BUZ is charging for the Overhaul of the kite. I think it is 50 bucks for the full kit and that is what you woul
  12. Hey Jon Im a LONG time old school comp Pilot from the late 90's and I know your Issue well. I still did not see the right answer in just skimming thru all 3 pages here. When doing the Back spin from a FADE position. YOU need tro have the Kite COCKED off more vertical. The kite is NOT in a "PURE" Fade position. It is more like wing tip to wing tip at 11 and 4 and 8 and 2 on the clock... Each kite is different. Now the easy way to get this to happen when your coming down in the dive start a small turn as you throw your hands and step forwatd. To get the Fade to KICK out too nose away, a
  13. Hi RAE There is a Great little light weight kite that I have done a write up on, on this sight. It is the premier ADDICTION, and it runs anywhere from about 60.00 to 80.00 dollars, pending on where you get it... I have Two of these kites and one was Modified by Harbor Wind who has Advertising on this sight etc. I have been FLYING Prism for YEARS and have almost every one of thier Top of the line kites. A LOT of People will swear by the company. However in my 25yrs of flying there have been Nicer and Cheaper, Easier to trick and flip around kites in the "Low End" of the spectrum. This i
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