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  1. This time i try undo by make my new sleeve for kite bigger than original sleeve. Whatever i want to see something. How everyone dissemble kite?
  2. I think that is good tip. But I'm not sure in that tip have 1 standoff and when i role up my kite, I don't got tensioning the wingtips out. Who did like me?
  3. Please tell me how do you pack your kite? I have AcrobatX. It easy to wrap because it just have 2 standoff. I just got French connection 2.0 it very good kite. But I have problem when i rolling it because have 4 standoff. It is not fit and i can't put it in to sleeve. Please show me some VDO practice or something (about dissemble a Kite) for help newbie.. (Sorry for my English language) Thank you..
  4. zech

    Vented kite

    I have one cheap kite. Sail with Ripstop Nylon fiberglass frame 4 mm. I use to fly in 15 - 25 mph. I just test it. May be if possible it can fly to 30 - 35 mph ??
  5. zech

    Vented kite

    If i perforate sail material on kite little bit. Can kite fly in high wind better than before? (I saw in SF 2.5 vented kite) Thank you
  6. Thank you John Robert Randolph. Where are you..I need some help...
  7. I saw in Kitelife Magazine - Issue 46 (Jan-Feb 2006) Review about AcrobatX by John Barresi. he add 2 line bridle ( I don't know that call active bridle? ) I want to know that help for? And I want to know about data for setup on it. How Ibs. size for stunt kite bridle line? Thank you..
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