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  1. I have a six pack of Hyperkite stunt kites. They come in a tube case and have not been taken out of the tube for several years, in fact the original owner who was the only American cameraman to ever be employed by Jacque Cousteau was the last person to take them out of the sleeve when he owned them before he passed. This came from a collection I purchased out of San Diego California. Looking through the clear plastic tube they look new but can't say for sure. Not sure what they are worth but feel free to make an offer.
  2. Hmm have 2, one is like new and the other is used but wrapped with Rev rods... let me process.
  3. Hey, wow these are still here??? I am mainly interested the Supersonic but would take them both off your hands for $250 shipped. Don't feel like you have to take it, I need more kites like a hole in the head but if you feel like you just need the funds let me know. Thanks. 

  4. Rob, how about I sell it and ship it to you for $180, that goes for anyone else as well. No pressure, Let me know. Thanks.
  5. Looks like a carbon fiber rod for the leading edges and Skyshark wrapped for the lower spreader. looks like a 5pt but can't tell. hope this helps.
  6. Just lines and handles. Nothing special, i fly mine with 90 LPG and 13" handles.
  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD HI, I am selling a nice condition used Nirvana Kite. I only see one small hole in the sail (can't even take picture of). Also the nose looks like it was reinforced, I don't see any rips or reasons or anything but the reinforcement looks very well professionally done. Also there are initials of the flyer on the back side of the kite in marker. Please note- this kite has been flown and does have some slight signs of use but remember these are $400 new and you are saving about half. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. $200 which includes usps priority shipping to the lower 48 states and I use PAYPAL and prefer no fees.
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLD Ok, This well used Nirvana has several repairs including the nose. There are still some tiny holes in parts of the thin Mylar part of the sail. It is missing the upper spreader (I can give you the measurement for it and Andy at Ocean Shores kites can get you a new one). The color is gray and the version is gen one (most desirable). Completely flyable and was used in world kite comp in France. I use PayPal. Remember these are $400+ new. Please don't expect new but expect to save some money. Let me know. Thanks. $100 usps priority shipped to lower 48 states.
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