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  1. You don't get to see the kite fliers in the movie, just a quick shot of the two kites in the sky.
  2. A quick little side track, anyone else noticed the red and white Rev. in the new "Night at the Museum" movie? Now back to "tails"
  3. I would love to see that, it has been way too long since I last saw anyone team fly with spinoffs, anyone out there still flying their Avengers?
  4. About 4 years ago some friends (non-kite fliers) wanted to go to the beach with me to do some kite flying. I made a trip to the kite store and bought a Beetle (low end stunt kite) to let them fly. After the first day I could see enough improvement in one of the fliers flying that I set her up on my 8 foot Cyborg (in its time a high end kite) and she was amazed with the differance in responce of the kite but I still would not have started her on the Cyborg. A beginning kite flier needs something less expensive to figure out what the left and right hands do when flying a kite.
  5. Trying to build, sell and make a living as a kite builder, especially in single line, I would think is near impossible, about 3 years ago I went into a kite store and found the same size cody as I build the kite is coming out of China and selling for about $40. mine sell for $400. The price of $40. would just cover my cost of materials and starting my sewing machine. I would love to see photos of the Hargraves, they are fantastic kites in the sky! Years ago a friend, Jerry Sinotte (not sure of the spelling of his name) built a large Hargrave kite and used all wood framing, I sure wish I had a photo of that kite.
  6. My hat is always off to anyone who will take the time to build themselves a kite, an extra "Way to Go" to anyone that takes the time to build a kite well and there is never anything like the pleasure a kite builder gets after building that first kite and seeing it in the sky. The one other pleasure a kite builder gets is to build a kite and then walk onto the flying field and seeing someone else flying a kite you have built and then sold to that person, no need to say a word just sit back and enjoy watching that person fly the kite you built for him or her.
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/34405377@N03/ If I did this right this link will take you to my photos on Flickr and you can take a look at some of my codys. Thank you for all the very kind words about the kites. I found out that shipping a cody from here in the states to the UK costs around $150. add $400. for the price on the kite and ... put that under the sign that says "Do Not Feed The Bears" and we should have any problems with the UK taken care of ... right?? On my Extended Wing codys there are 10 adjustable wing lines, with sliding knots, and another 6 adjustable lines for the Top Sail, it is amazing how much you can distort the kite itself if any of these lines are adjusted too tight. I have been building and selling codys since around 1995 so I could not tell you how many I have built but I don't believe I have ever built any two exactly alike. Again thank you for the kind words, there will be one of my smaller codys available in the members raffle soon, the kite is built and I just have to get back to Oregon, put rods and a bridle put on it and it is ready to go.
  8. This is all getting very strange! The person with the kite does have another cody so he does know something about setting the kite up. My kites are a little more advanced than most store bought codys so this could have been some of the trouble, almost everyone that has one of my codys I have been able to spend a little one on one time with or they know someone else that has one of my kites. After the person has had the kite now for a few days and after several emails back and forth the kite is now coming togather the way it should, everything is looking good! Now I am wondering what happened weather wise during the shipping of the kite, after a few days of being out of the package it is looking the way it should. :confused!:
  9. Thanks for the input so far, I was thinking about warp but then I had the person with the remove the diagonal rods and the wood rods straightened out (since I was not there I don't know how much they straightened). I am thinking that the change in humidity from Arizona to UK must have had something to do with it but my experiance has been that a kite gets tighter as you go from more humidity to less not the other way around. When I notch wood dowel I always try to notch with the grain. The reason why I use wood is because I believe it looks best on a cody and it is easy to replace when fiberglass is not available. I never use carbon rods, only fiberglass tube. On a cody I like to have some weight on the kite which I believe adds some stability in higher winds Again thanks for the ideas, this has never been a problem when building and shipping a kite from Oregon to anyplace else.
  10. This is the kite before it left Arizona Same kite after reaching the UK
  11. I need help concerning humidity(?) and its effect on cellular kites! I have experianced this before but in reverse, I once took one of my cody kites from Oregon to Reno, Nevada, when I got to Reno I had to adjust (loosen) all my tensioners to be able to set the kite up. Recently I have built a Cody here in Arizona, set it up, everything is great. Ship the kite to England and the wood longeron rods look to be curved because they are tensioned to tight causing the side box walls to sag, and when I say sag I mean SAG! This does not make sense to me because there should be more humidity in England than in Arizona which would cause everything to go slack or saggy rather than too tight. Any ideas what might have happened, if you are interested I can supply you with photos.
  12. I remember not long after figuring out how to fly my Skynasour (F36 ?) going to the beach, flying the kite to one side, waiting for a passing Seagual to fly within range and then going after it with the kite. Never managed to get close to a bird but I did get some strange reactions out of them
  13. My "Brown" sisters and "Brown" brothers did not always get along ... but that was years ago ... Huh? Thanks for the kind remarks about the cody kite.
  14. Hugh Andrew 1 Clifton Park Rd Clifton BRISTOL BS8 3BP UK If you are at all interested in building a traditional cody War or Extended Wing kite or if you would just like to have some good history and photos of S. F. Cody on CD this is the person to contact. He charges $25. U.S. for the CD and the last I talked to him cash is acceptable. I personally have no connection with Hugh but I do have the CD and suggest it if you have any interest at all. John, I will give the webmaster contact email another try but for some reason I have almost always had trouble with those emails, I get some sort of "Pop" error.
  15. Rob, sorry but I saw your name along with being with a store and mistook you for someone I know at Goodwinds kites, did you get the information I suggested on building a cody? The kite in the picture does not have the Top Sail installed as yet but once it is finished it will be going to Wales which is the reason for the dragons on each wing (the Welsh flag dragons) so building cody kites for folks outside the U.S. is not a problem. As far as size is concerned I prefer building the size cody in the photo which is 8 feet side to side but I do build an Extended Wing that is just under 14 feet from wing tip to wing tip. John, if you are reading this, I need to contact you about something I would like to do and I get an error message when I use your contact mail.
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