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  1. Awesome info everyone! Very cool stuff. After continuing reading on my own last night, I had pretty much narrowed it down to (I think...) three kites...the iflite, the Prism Zero G and the Wala. I can't get them all right now but I'm hoping to save my pennies, start with the iflite, then the Prism and go from there. I have a couple of questions about the iflite. It comes in a vented style that they just say is supposed to enhance the glide but I'm really unclear if it's a better choice for me and why it is or isn't a good choice. I also don't know if it changes it's wind rating at all. Second question is, does anyone have any idea if the pink version of the iflite is pale, bright or ??? I've not been able to find video or pics of the pink iflite but I did see a video of the vented iflite in flight. While it was great to watch, it left me with the same questions above. Thanks everyone. I'm getting really excited! EDIT: I found pics of the pink iflite and it's a bright pink not pale. So one question answered. Now, just need to know about the vent!
  2. Hi! This is a sort of continuation of a post where I was looking for kites that can be flown without a lot of physical activity (I'm disabled and I'm not able to run back and forth doing lots of setups for relaunching) but that has more interest than a standard single line kite. I'm exploring the idea of quads although cost figures into it but I was introduced to gliders/ultralight/urban kites and I'm in love! I need help choosing a kite. I live in a small city but we have some nice park areas nearby and of course parking lots, etc. There are nice parks by the lake and some fields I can think of that are an easy driving distance. My husband and I live in a small apartment. I don't know if it's possible to find a glider that I can fly around my apartment and also be OK outside in light to no wind. I really only need it to be OK up to about 8mph b/c I have other kites I can fly at that wind speed. I'm already interested in the Prism Zero G but it looks a little large for a living room I read the recent article in kitelife,com (the link was given to me in my other thread) and I've looked at each of the kites there. The end of the article says that most of the kites in the article are available from the site sponsor kite stores to the right of the article but after searching three time from the top to bottom of the page, I couldn't find the list. So I have two questions...is/are there any specific kite/glider(s) that you LOVE, would recommend, have more flying potential (ie easy to learn on but have potential for learning "tricks"), any that you wouldn't ever fly outside (or inside), any more or less durable, or anything else you can think of that I should know. (that was the first question ). The second question is, where do I find these gliders? Any idea where the sponsor listings are? (I have googled almost all of the kites and the results are really varied. Several have plans available but I think I'd rather buy one than make it after reading on a couple of them how difficult they are to make correctly, so I'd prefer a commercial source. Thanks so much in advance. And, thanks for helping me find something fun that I can do, even with my loss of "abilities" and acquisition of "dis-abilities". It's helping give a little piece of me back again...and that truly is priceless.
  3. I've done a lot of searching an although I can find some info and listings for the New Tech Spirit Quad, most seem to be discontinued or older sites. I did find something called the Volksquad (people's quad) on the New Tech website and was wondering if this has replaced the spirit? Or are they different companies altogether?? Here's a link to the Volksquad: http://newtechkites.com/products.php?product=Volksquad-%28Twilight%29 I'd really be interested in hearing what you think. Oh my gosh...I can't wait to read through this! Flying in your LR! How chill is THAT!!! Thanks for the link, I'll read all through it.
  4. Thanks for the info about the New Tech Spirit. I'll look into that now! Sounds like it might be more of a viable possibility. Can you please explain more about what a single line glider is & what the wand is? I do have some single line kites: I don't exactly have a crazy collection but do have a Prism stowaway diamond, Prism EO6, Prism Triad (technically that one's my hubby's ), one that was a gift that was a used kite that I've yet to have the chance to dig into (but it's a slightly larger single line), a smaller single line foil, and then a crazy semi box kite that we picked up at a beach shop off season that turned out to be a great little flier. Not exactly a top shelf collection but they're fun. No light wind ones though...closest is the stowaway diamond. I don't know if any of those are glider-esque but I'd love to know more about that. Thanks!!
  5. Awesome resource, thanks!! And thanks everyone for the guidance. Sounds like I really need the framed 4-line kite. Are there any other brands that are decent other than Rev that might be less costly? I'm sure the quality is worth it and I'm gonna check out the used resources that were suggested but if there are others that I can look out for that would offer decent beginner performance (survive crashes) and still allow self relaunches, and at least some range of wind conditions, that would be super helpful to know. <3
  6. Is there a way to find them at a more inexpensive price? With my ongoing medical expenses, I was hoping for something in the price range of the Snapshots...although those are sounding less and less like those will work for me at all. Can the Revolution or similar kites handle low and variable wind? Thanks so much for your advice. This is the second time I've gotten the recommendation for the Revolution kites so I may have to figure out how to save my pennies and wait awhile before I can buy anything. If any similar style kites (that might be less expensive) come to mind or if anyone hears of someone selling one, I'd definitely be interested in it. Thanks!!!
  7. Hello, I know that I have an unusual situation which is why I really need advice on getting started in two line kiting. To start, I've loved kite flying since I was a kid but it wasn't until the last few years that I've had much of any chance to do it. Unfortunately, due to a degenerative genetic condition, I'm disabled but I'm sort of desperately looking for things that I can still do and enjoy (I'm not wheelchair bound but do use a walker and require O2) and kiting is top of the list. So, for the reasons listed above, I'm not in a place at this point that I can use a "powerkite" but I'd like to get in to two line kites for a little more interest. In addition, my genetic condition make all my joints very loose and prone to dislocation so I don't want a kite that will pull so hard that I dislocate a wrist, shoulder, etc. I love the design of the foils and I'm a total newbie to multi-line kites but instead of a framed two line kite, I'd love a foil that I can learn on, can easily relaunch after crashing (using the walker to setup another launch would take forever) and I love that there's little to no setup or breakability. Portability is also a factor as it's really hard for me to work out carrying a 42" long kite case which a lot of the framed two line kites seem to require. I'd love to hear your recommendations...I've read a lot about the Prism Snapshots and have other Prism single line kites (don't laugh *too* hard) but I've also read positive things about the Symphony foils and I just want to get this intro into two line kites right...something that won't be dangerous for me with too much pull but that can handle wide wind variabilities and is easy to learn on and relaunch for the inevitable crashes. But I also don't want to end up so frustrated that I give up entirely and an interest that I hope will allow me to feel "abled" in a piece of my life again becomes a disappointment. Just FWIW, I'm about 5'3" average build (used to be really athletic but obviously can't now) so that may give some guidance on size of kite. Also, I may need an option for my husband b/c he'll always be with me, also enjoys kites and ended up really bored with the single line last time he flew it. So I can definitely see a similar need for him...although he wouldn't want to be dragged across a field or lifted off the ground, his 6' 220lbs would be able to handle more kite than I can...& I think he would find somewhat of a workout kind of fun...although the same ease of learning and relaunching would apply. And, I think he'd like to have a bigger kite than me. But that's just a guess.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to choose a kite for a gift. We are relative beginners to kite flying but I know that my husband, in particular, is a little bored with single line kiting and is interested in trying out dual line. My problem is, I'm having trouble choosing what to get. I'm looking at (something like) the Prism Nexus/Jazz or an airfoil such as the Symphony 1.4. Can you please give me your thoughts on these? How easy are they to launch and fly? How about assembly? How do they handle erratic winds? Which can "grow" with him more? Any input you could give would be really, really helpful. Thanks so much in advance! All the best, Rachel
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