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    I have recently gone through the same delema. The first qustion is...have you flown a dual line kite and do you know how to fly. I got the addiction by the advice of this forum. best kite for the buck is what most of the people have said. I do agree. I love the addiction. (although i have not flown anything other for any amount of time) BUT!!!.....It was a tricky kite to learn on cause it was fast for the beginer. I broke the spine on the first flight(the winds were about 25kts gusting to 30 was a very interesting day!!) but i got a stronger spine and have crashed numerous times and have not broken anything else on it. It is a blast to fly and i would really recomend it to anyone. Plus comes with bag, lines, wrist straps and a winder. good luck have fun!!
  2. I am flying a really cheap $10 kite. I am in the process of buying a quality kite, I have been leaning towards the addiction from the advice of some of you. What will I find different with a good kite in terms of the handling and the way they fly in comparison to my klunker i have now..???
  3. Unfortunatly I dont know of any local shops...and advice for on-line stores..???
  4. I'm very new to the hobby and have read a couple of discussions but I really haven't found what Im looking for so here it goes. Im looking for a dual line kite for under $100 but $50 sounds better for my pocket. I have flown a dual line and caught on real quick. So now Im looking for a beginner kite that I can grow with. If you can provide me with the name of the kite and the manufacture I can start some research in by purchasing adventure. I thank you for any advice you can provide me! Again thanks,,
  5. I'm new to the hobby and am trying to find the best beginner/ all around kite that I can learn on and progress. I would like to stay under $100 but would rather keep it around $50. I have flown a dual line before and was able to catch on very quick. I thank you for any feed back you can provide!! Thanks
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