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  1. roisinroisin21

    Do you remember your very first kite?

    please please Andy and the rest ..............
  2. roisinroisin21

    Better Sliding and Tracking.

    check out the sweet swety slide Can`t get picture to load,,, try this Dam still wont ave it,,,, Spz0 try searching roisinroisin21 on flickr Check out the sweety slide and the E2 slide
  3. roisinroisin21

    New to me

    OMG huge photo`s Have a look at the lower spreader Le fitings,,, the right hand side sail is loose after i lost tension during the landing,but the left just below elbow fitting has a mark on it looks like dried glue ,is this where a C clip would be
  4. roisinroisin21

    New to me

    try ed multi tasking,,,,i dont think so get some body to push the shutter and zoom
  5. roisinroisin21

    New to me

    I like
  6. roisinroisin21

    Desire UL

    maybe wrong maybe right??? I`d check the bridle Think they are the lower outer inhauls,to shorten them makes the kite turn like hell to lenghten makes the turns longer/larger Hope this helps Or are they lower outhauls,from the center to the leading lower edge
  7. roisinroisin21

    Flic Flacs in high wind

    USE the edge of the window young Jedi it`s your the later half was good to watch,,,, man at 5 min you missed the slide BIG style uneven flare to fade ,,, to much center wind..... Pm Tom Patters on FA watch his VF11 for the F Flacks or check out the stickies section on prism forum good advice
  8. roisinroisin21

    Better Sliding and Tracking.

    Have you watched the videos on fractured axel VF11 watch out for the guy with the desire ul and if you can follow the link on prism site DaveH hs some goooood advice on working and practice with short lines on his Blog site
  9. roisinroisin21

    Better Sliding and Tracking.

    E2 that one mate Fly good and not to much pull, taught me more than the Quantum. The Sweety indoor kite flown outside and the 3D taught me much more ,slower,control and beating the wind even with non available. As for the slide try Fly from side to side left to right or right to left about 6` up , just before you reach the window edge a turn under until the nose points verticle be ready for the last quater turn up verticle this the time provide a little slack and then gather slack up when almost stalled more tension on the leading arm and start walking to the side of direction slide. If sliding to the right the right arm is the lead Having one arm higher , the side walk , turn speed and the secret of using the wind which is allready helping to move the kite BACK accross the window is KEY . Small inputs on the lines to control only Try it,,, evntually you can tension both lines and slide all the way acrross and by the time your at the other side of the window hope you have enough speed momentum and tension to carry on,,,easier in lightest winds 1 , 2mph Regards Simon , who get ` s a good way round before it all goes wrong
  10. roisinroisin21

    Better Sliding and Tracking.

    On the Slide try holding your leading arm a little higher than the other,this will help you to move/adjust the kite when needed Ps let me kno when you slide 360 style
  11. roisinroisin21

    Ultra Lights

    Try shorter lines 1st. set of short lines may well be cheaper than a spine or leading edge. Even in no wind on short lines practice control, launch and landing over and over again
  12. roisinroisin21

    Remeber When...

    Hahaha Yep the grandson or Freestyle Champion 2029 Tryed him with advanced way to fly dvd but all he wanted was the kids channel (time yet) Found the solution for his vision thing
  13. roisinroisin21

    Remeber When...

    Great story,nice and sumed it up for me Aghh the memories of yester years when i wasa nOOb No change for me in 2009 still crap Been watching TV for some help Welcome to ya both enjoy
  14. roisinroisin21

    avoiding the walk of shame

    Good friends are rare but good ground staff are ever rarer