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  1. these are my 2 low wind favs the fearless is the light working on higher wind as we speak
  2. ko-2

    Indoor Dual Line Manual

    hi all i am looking for all the help i can get i have an inner space on it's way!!! any way i have flown an ozone so i knw what a flat spin looks like and it was the 1st kite to let me know that i had the side slide in me i have no idea what to expect from the IS or for that matter indoor style flying . any help would be appreciated ps i have PM'ed john about the manual as a start thanx KO
  3. ko-2

    Need help with flying in low winds

    thanx john great help KO
  4. ko-2

    Cesium Access

    yes T thank u very much for the kite and i do appreciate the new lines KO
  5. ko-2

    Silver Fox STD

    great kite congrats KO
  6. ko-2

    Silver Fox STD

    actually if i wasn't flying quantum pro's i would more than likely be flying the silver fox 2.5 trio great kites really good deal. on the topic of winning one I CAN'T STAND the suspense! guess i'll just have to cruise down to KP7 hope to see you all there KO
  7. ko-2

    How do you pack your kites?

    here is something that may help http://prismkites.com/tips.html
  8. ko-2

    kite stuff

    my kites