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  1. that group with the red/ black revs is Vicki's team Air Mainia, with Bill Watson, Shawn , and Chris Murphy all from Columbus OH. They have been together about 2 years. I flew with them at last year's fest. Really like their colors.
  2. um, Tom .... it's Dayton (OH), not Daytona. Stacks are really neat to fly. In a steady wind I'm able to do bicycles turns, drag the tips in water, and fly reverse circles. My 3-stack can easily be split up so that I can fly any one kite as a solo as needed. I have a mid-vent for the #2 kite and use 3-wrap frames in all kites. My link lines are now set to 4'8". When you go 3 kites or more in the stack, the last kite needs to "lean back" a bit more than the rest. The last kite can get a bit crazy if it does not lean back. In my set-up, I have longer pigtails (about 1-1/2" longer) on the last kite at the top bridle points. This allows all of the link lines to be the same length. I'm still tweeking the center link lines. I could use any tips/info for those connections. David
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