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  1. Thanks Breezin. I wonder how many of us were up and on the forum this morning to see this puzzle put forth by Riffclown. It's really odd the things that get stuck in our brains at times. I have no relatives that have been in the AirForce, nor have I been either. For some reason the dates 1947 and 1938, along with the flight reference as well as the word servicemen just rang a bell somewhere back in the recesses of my memory. Then the tune started playing in the back of my brain. If I recall correctly it was the tune itself in 1938 and the words in 1947. At any rate, a really fun puzzle Riffclown and a great kite that is going to find itself in the hands of some youngsters ASAP. I told Riffclown that I will add straps and lines to this kite when I find it a good home. Chris
  2. Riffclown, Now that would have made it REALLY easy. Thanks for a great Christmas Day contest. I've sent you a PM to talk about an even better new home for that kite than my collection. I guess sort of a "give it forward" in advance. Chris
  3. I think that may have been too good a clue. Let's try the word "yonder".
  4. andre, How many of these have you made? Is this your business; building kites? Is there any chance that you may be able to forward some more detailed photos of your construction technique? If so, I can forward you my e-mail in a PM. Chris
  5. andre, Hmmm! Roughly $850.00 US Dollars. Slightly more than I expected but not necessarily that bad. For that price could it be custom colors? Chris
  6. andre, Might one inquire as to your asking price to build one of these beauties? Chris
  7. John, I guess I'll be the next to ask. Thanks in advance for looking it up.
  8. cmay


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