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  1. OK so i think twice. If I buy kite in US i must: 1. Pay for kite (for AcrobatX 80$] 2. Pay Taxes in my country (5% from kite price (from 80$ its 4$)) 3. Pay VAT in my country (19% from kite price (from 80$ its 15.2$)) 4. Pay shipment cost for kite from USA to EU (aprox. 25$) total: 124.2$ and wait for delivery about 15 days so I am not realy shure of good ratio performance/price and next problem, I can't find any shop which is capable to send me kite (to Prague [Czech Republic]) maybe someone of you can post link to good kite shop? nevertheless I want to thanks all for advice LemoN P.S. Can
  2. Thx lot for advice, but as i mention above i want kite manufactured in Europe: 1. When I buy kite in europe i didn't must pay taxes for shipment from USA 2. When I need spare part for my kite, i can get them much easier and faster.
  3. Jumping Jack flash. Well then again, what are you trying to do with the kite? I am going to learn some tricks, so i want kite which is capable to do them. But i dont want some expensive kite, I am looking for some kine of compromise. I dont want US kite because of spareparts.
  4. Hello to all stunt kiters, i am new in this sport, and now I am deciding which kite should I buy. Plz can you help me? I am from europe, so I prefer europe kite. I am deciding between this 3 kites. Which kite should i buy? Or have you some idea in this budeget level area? thx
  5. Hi evrybody. It's my first time on thist forum. Yesterday i saw first time in my life Stunt Kite and i fall in love to th is sport. I want to buy my first kite but i still cant decide which one. I want some cheap, because i dont think he will have long life, when i familiarize with sipmle moves i will think about something better. I have two tips: 1) Yukon (manufacturer HQ) 2) Sublime (manufacturer EOLO-GAYLA) Which should i choose? I heard some good opinions about Yukon, but i dont like his design on the second side i heard nothing about sublime but i live his design ) maybe somebody flew
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