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  1. OK so i think twice. If I buy kite in US i must: 1. Pay for kite (for AcrobatX 80$] 2. Pay Taxes in my country (5% from kite price (from 80$ its 4$)) 3. Pay VAT in my country (19% from kite price (from 80$ its 15.2$)) 4. Pay shipment cost for kite from USA to EU (aprox. 25$) total: 124.2$ and wait for delivery about 15 days so I am not realy shure of good ratio performance/price and next problem, I can't find any shop which is capable to send me kite (to Prague [Czech Republic]) maybe someone of you can post link to good kite shop? nevertheless I want to thanks all for advice LemoN P.S. Can somebody compare this kite to other kites availables in shops (maybe E2 from Prism, Phoenix from HQ, Cesium from L'atelier, Addiction Premier Kites) P.S. 2: Thx for nice review to kitelife.com i read it several times.
  2. Thx lot for advice, but as i mention above i want kite manufactured in Europe: 1. When I buy kite in europe i didn't must pay taxes for shipment from USA 2. When I need spare part for my kite, i can get them much easier and faster.
  3. Jumping Jack flash. Well then again, what are you trying to do with the kite? I am going to learn some tricks, so i want kite which is capable to do them. But i dont want some expensive kite, I am looking for some kine of compromise. I dont want US kite because of spareparts.
  4. Hello to all stunt kiters, i am new in this sport, and now I am deciding which kite should I buy. Plz can you help me? I am from europe, so I prefer europe kite. I am deciding between this 3 kites. Which kite should i buy? Or have you some idea in this budeget level area? thx
  5. Hi evrybody. It's my first time on thist forum. Yesterday i saw first time in my life Stunt Kite and i fall in love to th is sport. I want to buy my first kite but i still cant decide which one. I want some cheap, because i dont think he will have long life, when i familiarize with sipmle moves i will think about something better. I have two tips: 1) Yukon (manufacturer HQ) 2) Sublime (manufacturer EOLO-GAYLA) Which should i choose? I heard some good opinions about Yukon, but i dont like his design on the second side i heard nothing about sublime but i live his design ) maybe somebody flew this kite before, or somebody knows EOLA-GAYLA manufacturer. THX for help.
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