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  1. WOW! Thanks JB! YOU ROcK! YOU ALL ROcK! This will be THE MOST appreciated REV kite EVER FLOWN! I was praying for this miracle to happen somehow ! Every time i got close to having Rev Money, some emergency always came up! Now I can finally be a Rev Pilot and quit bugging JB and Jeff Faje to go fly places , I'll get good and do it myself! I think I heard a "Halelujah!" out there, LOL
  2. https://www.facebook.com/NationalKiteMonth National Kite Month –April 2014 Video Contest. Prize will be given for BEST VIDEO; other prizes may be awarded for most noteworthy videos submitted. Many factors will be considered in the judging process. Production quality may make the video look nice, but the primary things we’re looking at are how influential, entertaining, informative, and popular the video is. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a production company or editing skills, just get your cell phone camera out, and start filming. Make your own “commercial” of your upcoming kite event. This can be a kite building workshop, kite club gathering, a kite display in a library or any place, or a Kite Festival. Anything kite related, the location, date, times, mention names of famous people or kitefliers attending, shoot a video of the park, kites flying, weather reports, wind conditions. Make a video during the event. If you are too busy flying kites, you can have your spouse, friends, or event organizers shoot videos. Most of the time it’s likely that the organization hosting your events will have someone taking photos and videos. You can submit those to the contest, but it may take too long for them to give you a copy, especially professionals. Anyone with a cell phone camera can take a video. The preferred method of uploading your video link and presenting it to us is to upload it onto your own https://www.youtube.com/ account. Easiest for us to share your video. You still have control over it, when people view it they go to your own link to watch it. TIP, if you have Unlimited Data or a WiFi signal to tap into, you can Upload your video immediately from the kite field! Once it posts to You Tube, you can post the link on your Facebook timeline and share with https://www.facebook.com/NationalKiteMonth . Avoid copyrighted or popular music, YouTube will block your video or make it not available on mobile. Even music playing over the loudspeakers at a kite festival might prompt You Tube to block your video. Please no profanity (or very minimal), nudity, or excessive commercial content. For Internet safety reasons, please obtain permission from people if they are in the video close up. Always obtain permission from Parents of any children in the video; we advise more video coverage of the kites flying and the surroundings, wildlife, and pets, less of people and children. All videos submitted will be used by National Kite Month to promote all genres of kite activities (single line, dual line, kite boarding, kite pin collecting, miniature kites, etc.) and can be posted by us on various social media sites including our own websites , and could be shared all over the Internet. By submitting a link to your video to us, you agree to these terms and also agree we are not liable for anything associated with the video. We suggest you burn a copy of your video to a CD or file for safekeeping.
  3. I am IN! Our local kiter Paul Glasspoole makes stakes using mini Billiard balls (pool),we call them "Paul's Balls" LOL!
  4. This FB App for Android really Sucks!

  5. YAY! Sleep in the morning! and No battling to wake up anyone

    JEFFCO Public Schools

    Closed Tomorrow

    Submitted at: 8:20 PM MST on Thursday, Feb 2

    I think Hell must be freezing over too for them to close schools in Jefferson County!

  6. To all Sport (stunt dual line Kitefliers) and Quad line (Revolution) kitefliers, We are currently gathering information regarding interest of people in the Central Conference for sport kite competitions. With the next AKA Convention being held in Enid, Oklahoma this coming September, 2012 we need to start recruiting our "Trick Talent" for the Central Sport Kite Conference. . I was wondering if anyone was wanting events at which to get points towards competing there. Some of us ha...

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Let's see how many Family members respond, Have not heard from any of them today.....

  8. This is for anyone who is on my friends list. I enjoy hearing about you and your family the good news, bad news and support during the dark times. I love the pictures and links. I am happy to count you as my friend, and so many are like family.

    Thank you so much for being a part of my life, whether or not we talk regularly, you are still in my thoughts.

    Let's see who actually pays attention... If you like this post, please copy this as your status for just a minute. It shows who actually ap...

  9. Still windy in Golden tonight. Wonder if it will be like this in Fort Collins?

  10. Personally, having the honor of being Elected to the voluntary position of AKA Region 7 Director was my highlight of 2011. JB You're doing a FANTASTIC job on this website. The AKA Board Of Directors, which includes me, have been working Diligently on what we can do to improve the AKA website. I think that promoting Kite Flying of all genres goes way beyond just the websites. We all need to make 2012 a MASSIVE promotion year for kites! Everywhere, including Here. There should be WAY MORE activity on this Awesome website than there is! People need to be Flying Kites if they're not on Here!
  11. Monthly Fly at Stapleton today. 10 AM Mountain STANDARD time Sunday November 6th 2011

  12. Friday Night Flights. I'LL be there around 4:00 or 4:30. I have to take stepson Steven Todd to his friends in Longmont for the weekend. Then head south thru whatever traffic.hope the 270 is open past Vasquez or whatever

  13. I purchased a Snowboard Bag on clearance for $15 at Big 5 last spring. They are only $29 retail and 6 foot long, about 2 foot diameter if filled with sand I'm estimating. Lining inside is waterproof, I'm guessing to keep the snow water residue from a "thawed" board from leaking in a car or other situation. I currently use it as my Kite Bag for the favorite kites. It has a Graffiti print on it.
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