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  1. Hi John, Can you check out the ad I just posted on the site above. I placed an ad for a Kite Buggy for Sale in the Kite Buggy/general section and I entered the price as $400.00 OBO and it posted as $40,000 which I wouldn't mind getting but I don't think it would sell. Could you fix that? Thank you. Mike
  2. That would look great in my hands flying over Doheney Beach. Look forward to it. Mike
  3. Great Video compilation. And the shot at minute 4 will be your greatest adventure. It won't be long before you are chasing him... All the best. Mike
  4. OH Boy... a third Rev for my quiver. I am finding my way.
  5. I can see that happening and I had not considered it. I will be very careful. Like I said, I did use superglue this time. If it comes out again... or I have the same problem with other rods, I plan to use the two part but will be sure to make a jig to keep the ferrule from pistoning back out. Thank you.
  6. I used basic superglue when I put things back together. I think the brittleness of the super glue (it looks like that ZAP is a gel superglue - you won't get the capillary action of the thinner stuff) is why it gives up. Obviously the kite frame is very alive and eventually anything brittle is going to weaken. But I found a two part epoxy that is supposed to remain somewhat flexible. I have not tried it yet but I will report on it. I expect the carbon rods use an epoxy resin as the binder, so there should be no compatibility issues. Mike
  7. :mf_party: :clap:clap; Eureka... I have success. With all the great advice here, I took a little of this and a little of that to come up with the 7th infallible method. I used the tap, tap, tap of dropping the rod on the floor on the opposite ferrule, thereby breaking the glue bond. Then I used a rod of the proper dimensions to tap, tap on the ferrule that was stuck in the other end (I had to break the glue I let seep in when I did the 3rd infallible method) and it came out. And my new LE came from Wind of Change today, so now I have two intact and functional middle 3 wraps. Now... where's the wind??? Thanks to all of you who offered ideas and ultimately solutions, and support. This was kind of a cool experience. In the immortal words of Kermit the Frog, "There's not a word yet, for old friends who just met"! Thank you. Mike
  8. :confused!: It does appear that I struck a nerve... that I am not the only one with an issue. Strangely enough, I went to the beach today to fly at lunch using my two wrap rods and when I went assemble the leading edge one of the mid section ferrules had come out and was stuck in the end section. Glue still on the ferrule. I am going to get out my glue and make sure that all of the ferrules are firmly in place on both sets of 1.5 rods and on my Shockwave. Something to do with my hands while watching the Laker game. Mike
  9. I was excited about the super glue and pull toy suggestion... and I thought I had been frugal enough with the superglue... but it appears that I used a tad too much and it appears to have "wicked" between the ferrule and the rod. I might have glued it in place -- pushed in and slightly below the rim of the rod. And, before that, I did try several inertia methods. I think my next attempt will be the screw extractor. I did mention that I had already ordered a replacement 3-wrap didn't I? So... even if I am unsuccessful and end up pushing the ferrule deeper in. It has been very gratifying and heartening to know there are so many helpful people out there.. and that so many of you have done the same thing. Thanks to all of you for all the help. And, I will report on the final resolution. Mike
  10. Actually, the lady I was with and I went over to the lessons field and she got some one on one from the very gracious John Barresi. She had watched his solo and IQUAD's performance before we went over there, so she was very impressed that he was so approachable. It was later in the afternoon that we went off down the beach to fly my kite. She got to where she was began to have some control. An aside is that she is a former world champion Disc Golf Player and still active in the sport in her late 50s. She had never considered kites before. While she is not yet dreaming Kite, she is definitely interested. Mike
  11. Thanks Duane, I had not thought about pulling the opposite ferrule and then pushing it out from the other end... I can do that. And I think I am going to use epoxy instead of isocyanate simply because I do not respect the longevity of isocyanate. So, now I have a third infallible method. At least I did not have the issue that you had with the end of the tube breaking. As for my flying experience... I can keep it in the air and make it go where I want but some of the cool moves are yet to be learned. I watched JB this weekend in Huntington Beach and as always he is simply superior and inspiring. Like you I came from dualies and I really like speed (my favorite dualie is a micron and my second revolution is a shockwave)but the amazing moves of a B is great. I am not sure I would notice the weight of an orphan ferrule either... but who knows. Maybe someone will offer a fourth infallible method. Mike
  12. I was giving a friend some latitude and let her set up the kite as I was laying out stings. She inadvertently pushed too hard and pushed one of the ferrules in flush with the outer tube. I went ahead and ordered a replacement but do want to fix the problem. My first infallible method is to try to hold the rod firmly enough without crushing it and strike the hold down sharply. Hopefully the inertia will move the ferrule rod out far enough to grasp it. Then I can epoxy it back in place. If that does not work, my second infallible method will be to use a screw extractor with a left hand drill to put a small hole in the middle of the ferrule, insert the extractor and hopefully gently pull it out. Reverse it and re-epoxy back in place. I am sure I am not the first that this has happened to. Am I on the right track or is there a secret method of getting things right that I have not figured out. Thanks... Mike
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