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  1. Wayner

    New to NikNak

    Any progress in flying your NicNak?
  2. Good start. Next up would be feedback of performance the rods in flight.
  3. Looks like fun. Would kids be able to control the airplane? Looking forward to pictures of the dragon in the air.
  4. Wayner

    New to NikNak

    Flying and learning with another flyer will have you in the air in no time.
  5. Yea. Glad to hear you got the basics down and can now enjoy and improve with more time on th ed lines. John is a great teacher. Sad Las Vegas was not on his resent training clinic this summer.
  6. Hi Steve, Congrats on your score of a 1.5B at a good price. I have just returns to revs after 20+ years. Your doing fine, more flight time will solve the problem. You may also want to practice turns. A sloppy turn looks better than sloppy straight line flight, plus you learn more. Holding a straight line with a quad is different for us dualie guys. Need to only, move the thumbs forward and back. We instinctively pull left right (Even if just a little). Found I was adding a small dualie pull with many of my quad inputs.
  7. Wayner

    New to NikNak

    Hi Amber. Love the colors on your niknak. Mine had the same colors. As your first kite you want longer lines for sure. 75 to 100 feet. Save the short lines for when your skills improve. You should enjoy flying the kite in 3-6 mph. It's a fun kite to fly and learn on. Lighter winds will be a bigger challange. As your skills improve, you will find it easier to fly in those lighter winds. Flying in zero wind is a challange even for experienced pilots, check out YouTube for indoor flying to get some ideas.
  8. The Transformer II is a sweet looking kite. What version is it. Lam is always great to talk to . I'm the opposite of Rob, enjoy my Tekkens (SUL & 3.5) more that the Fearless. Also have the ATM UL and saving up funds for a Transformer in the near future. The Widowmaker UL is the easiest UL to fly in my experience. Sail load up well and lots of feedback. The shadow is another low wind option. Flys in lower winds and has a low cost. Not a beginners kite but very capable in skilled hands.
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