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  1. I must say it was a great weekend. I am glad to see John bring a young team together. Team KiteLife did very well and the crowd was more than pleased. I look forward to see a even better kite fest next year. I will try and post a link to some of my pictures at a later date, they have not been edit and are to large to post here. Thanks some much to the team Mike S
  2. If I win this nice kite I will make a bag for it, wife would love that.
  3. Good for Barry. Enjoy your new kite. Mike #1053
  4. I have made my wife a new purple kite bag. This purple rev would look real sweet in it. She is a purple person after all.
  5. Thanks for the number John. I did write it down this time. Mike and Peggy 1053
  6. Yea, this would be a nice kite to add to our bag. Mike and Peggy 1053
  7. Heard the B2 is a fun one to fly. Maybe I will get lucky. Not even sure what my number is. Mike and Peggy
  8. We don't have a purple rev. This would be Peggy's, she loves purple. Mike and Peggy
  9. I think the lime and black would look ok stacked with my lime and gray. Mike and Peggy
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