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  1. My wife has one....she is tough on kites. Currently has the third spine in it. It does take some wind to fly it. By no means is it a UL. But a very good first kite...once you get past the Lawn Dart stage. Then again...the Cherry Bomb (our first) has held up well, despite some Mach 1 dives into the ground. Only blew out an O ring. But it is much quicker than the Quantum.
  2. Hi Jay...I fly in Gallatin, next to the Gallatin Civic Center. What kite did you buy? Winds inland are shifty...not like at the beach. Sanders Ferry Park in Hendersonville, has some small areas. Maybe a school football field near you? Send me a PM (with phone number) if you want to hook up. Chris
  3. I feel your pain. Wife has the same kite. She splintered the spine.
  4. Purchased an experienced BMK Muse. Just what you said. Even a noob like me noticed the BIG difference. This is a wonderful kite. It inspires confidence. So much lighter than my Acrobatx. I am a happy man.
  5. Upnet

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    OK....I'll Bite The Ultimate Adventure Cruise
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    Various pix of my kite experience.
  7. Anybody fly in Nashville or the surrounding area? Have kites...Will Travel.
  8. WHAT !!! I retied it. I mean....all it was was a Larks head. Just the one side...nope both sides! OMG!! Will the kite not fly???? :confused!: :confused!: :confused!:
  9. The left side line that is connected above the upper spreader fitting was 1/4" longer. Adjusted it to match the right side. Will hopefully fly this weekend. See if that was the problem. Picked apart the bridle knot...and found that it seems to be a single line that runs from the T connector to the upper spreader...attached by a larks head that sits above the knot connected to the lower spreader line...and below that sliding line that runs to the middle of the LE. Seems to me that the only way to adjust the nose back would be to shorten the two lines that run to the upper spreaders. At this point I am tired, since I have been working on this thing for three hours! Those knots are teeny weeny!
  10. Thanks Dodd. I am a beginner..going on month three. I did realize that its not a slack line trickster. Bought it just for the reason you stated. A low wind kite to fly. Will be checking out the bridle. Been working some long hours, so I have yet to re check. Thanks to all the folks here who have made suggestions. Truly a wonderful brain trust for me to tap into. I will keep you all posted. Chris
  11. Thanks T. So that's what over steer is. Actually flew the kite yesterday in 6-8mph. Used my first three fingers in the handles instead of wrists. Had more control. However, the knot on the right side pigtail came loose and I suffered from an extreme case of line limp! Re tied the knot and let the wife fly for a little while. Darn if the knot didn't slip again, and in the ensuing crash, one of the stand offs broke. Need parts. Will attempt to adjust the bridle. Gonna have to learn to do it sooner or later.
  12. Welcome Rob......this kite thing is addictive. I have an Acrobatx.....been flying since February. You do know, that One kite is not enough. You will find that out soon enough.Enjoy! You are now about to join a group of people who march to the beat of a different drum.
  13. Besides the increase in price. How much more performance do you gain in the High end kites? Does a $400 kite fly better than a $130 kite? Aren't the same materials used? Obviously a newbie could not take advantage of the performance. Are we talking basic Nissan vs Ferrari?
  14. PIX If these aren't good enough I will try some outdoor shots. Curious about the right side loop from the center leading edge line. Looks different from the left side center leading edge line.
  15. Don't mean to hijack...but I am becoming skeptical of the wind ratings for various kites. l can't get my standard Acrobatx to fly in less than 7mph. Again...maybe it's me. It's rated 3-20mph.
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