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  1. Are you from the metro Detroit area? I am just east of Flint actually. Tried to fly yesterday, but the wind wasn't very good. Lots of gusts, and kept blowing in different directions so I gave up to wait for a better day.
  2. Some good vids, thanks for sharing.
  3. No truer words have be written! ;D Enjoy the Acrobatx Rob and Congratulations!!! I don't want to be a pushy quadliner, but I used to feel the same way about Revs... until I tried one. The rest is Total Addiction History. Regardless of how many lines you fly on, you'll find this forum is an excellent place filled with great folks! Thanks for the welcome. I guess to me a rev would be like a moped, sure its fun but you don't want to be seen in public on one! haha I am just kidding. Who knows, I may try it and like it as well! Now if UPS would hurry up with my kite I will be all set. Monday is the lucky day.
  4. I don't have plans to be, but I do plan on going to East Tawas on May 30/31st for the beach fly.
  5. I already have my eye on a Flying Wings Soul once I get this one down. I don't see me going to a Rev, sorry they are just not good looking to me.
  6. wow sounds like a blast. I can't wait to experience that for myself!
  7. Hey thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to getting in the air
  8. haha yeah I am not one to take time to think things over, wife seems to really enjoy that aspect with me
  9. I stumbled on a video on youtube last night where they were doing sport kit flying. Really caught my interest. Watched more video's and read up as much as I could about different models, sizes etc. and decided on a Flying Wings Acrobatx. Just placed my order with A Wind Of Change who I also saw on this forum helping some people out, and I like to see that from a company having my own business and all. Anyways, I am as excited as the school nerd that gets to go out with the prom queen haha I know I have lots more to read, and I have to work on my stalls first thing Thanks for all the help on this forum, there's lots of great information here. Rob
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