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  1. The sails on my Trlby 4 stack have finally reached retirement age. I have plenty of ripstop but I need a pattern for the Trlby sails and I have not been able to get a hold of a ripstop Trlby to copy. In my travels I have collected 8 more frames, including 3 heavy duty main spars. Today, I found 8 more singles online and bought em immediately. I should have everything needed for a 20 kite Trlby stack! I know this thing is going to be under some heavy duty stress so any help on what gauge the kite to kite links should be would be awesome. I have a belt rig made by Kiteman Jack for running big stacks so I just wanna make sure the kite setup is beefy enough. I hope to post updates when I start making the sails.
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