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  1. Yes,it is my first signed kite. And,i couldnt be happier with the whole package. VERY WELL DONE. But,more importantly,i have connected with this particular kite. THIS KITE MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A FREESTYLE PILOT. It just feels like im driving a sports car in the air and,im actually sitting in the kite steering it. ( I HOPE THAT DOESNT SOUND TOO SILLY) But thats what it feels like. My other kites feel like something is up in the air and,im on the ground trying to corral it. I am really trying to fight ordering another one right now,just for regular everyday use. For some reason,me and,this kite have really clicked. Im getting much further with this one than i did with my E2. Different strokes for different folks i guess.
  2. Yeah,i kind of ruled that out myself.I just imagined a big blob of black,were dodds signature used to be. THEN I FIGURED I WOULD JUST TRY TO BE CAREFUL. I COULDNT RESIST.I took the kite to my favorite spot and,flew it. It is now my favorite kite. I could actually spin it and,turn it and, I WAS ABLE TO COME OUT OF THE MANEUVEURS AND,FLY STRAIGHT LINES. With my other kites,it was hard to predict where i was gonna be when i was through.But for some reason,i was able to get this kite to go where i wanted it to. I ACTUALLY FELT COMFORTABLE FLYING 5 OR 10 FEET OFF OF THE GROUND. That has never happened before.Usually when the ground gets close,im afraid of losing control.But with this kite, i was always in control.What a cool feeling. When i was putting the kite away,as i was taking the spars out,i just started putting them back in. I WANTED TO SEE IF I COULD DO THAT AGAIN. YEAH,I COULD. How cool that was,I did even better,the second time.I guess i just ==FEEL-- this kite better. Im thinking of maybe trimming my collection now and,maybe get another one of these for flying purposes and,just hang this one on the wall. THIS THING REALLY DID FLY LIKE A DREAM. Maybe now i can take some video and,post it.A few more sessions like this and,i will be all over youtube.
  3. IM sorry,but i forgot to put in a pic of the signature. I dont know if thats about right for writing on fabric.But it just looks light to me.Is it cheating if i go over it --VERY CAREFULLY-- with a sharpie of my own. just wondering.
  4. Well,i took the kite out yesterday,but there was no wind. So,after awhile i just came back home and,took some pictures in my backyard. It really looks good in the sunlight, really vibrant. DOES ANYONE KNOW,does the autograph fade over time on this fabric.It already looks kind of faint to me and, i would like to keep it from fading away on me. Anywaze,i would like to share a pic with you all. Also,if someone has one of the other models,i would like to see it if you dont mind. The colors really pop in the bright sunlight.It does seem really light compared to my other kites. seems like it should fly in pretty light winds.Well,let me get back to work,i have been goofing off long enough.See ya folks.
  5. WOW, what a cool day. I saw the skydog,thingy on here and,i loved a dodd gross new tech kite that i used to own. SSOOO,i put a couple of golf clubs on ebay and,ordered the --SKYDOG-DREAM ON.The limited edition,signed and,numbered one from harborwind.What cool folks they are. Man,the certificate of authenticity arrived on thursday,if i remember correctly. Its really done very nicely. IM GONNA FRAME IT.Nice picture of dodd,with the dream on. VERY COOL PRESENTATION. Then the kite shows up on saturday morning.WHAT A SMOKING KITE. Even the kite sleeve was signed and,numbered.IM LOVIN IT. I REALLY WANT TO FLY IT.BUT I KNOW I WOULD MESS UP DODDS SIGNATURE. Im gonna wait for a windy,cloudless day,so the signature doesnt get wet and,run. IM not sure how to explain it.But i love how the bridle is set up.Its different from my other kites. What seals the deal for me though is the FLIGHT SCHOOL dvd. I have the prism dvd,that came with my prism kite. But this one,it just seems like i can relate to better.Who knows why. Maybe its because dodd seems more like a friendly guy at the park,who doesnt mind giving you a lesson and,some pointers. ALSO,MR. COSCA,from skydog said in my letter that he personally went over my kite to MAKE SURE -that it was more than up to par. I LIKE THAT. NOW,i have to get another one for flying.The signed and,numbered one,is gonna fly maybe twice. THEN IT GOES ON A WALL. I LOVE KITE FLYING. SO MUCH MORE RELAXING THAN GOLF. Anybody else got one of these limited edition ones OR, thinking of getting one. I am seriously thinking about jettisoning a trumpet on ebay to get another one of these.Its so nicely done.
  6. WELL HERE SHE IS. I dont know why i assume its a female ? ANYWAZE, I have only flown the kite as a dualie. please dont ask me how it tricks. I HAVE A HARD ENOUGH TIME FLYING FIGURES and,straight lines. I am very pleased with the package and,i think it was well worth the $75 on closeout.All of the possible frame and,sail tuning is beyond me,at this stage of my kiting development. But the one thing i did notice right away is how quick this kite is,compared to the 7 and,8 footers that i am used to flying. i am amazed that i havent pile drived this thing yet.Its like im used to pickups and,this is a corvette.ITS STUPID FAST. I love the colors.It looks so much more VIBRANT,in person than it did at the harbor winds website.OH YES,kudos to buz and,fast eddy,for the fast shipment and,help they have both gave so freely. I love the way this kite just sits wherever i place it.It just hangs right there until i decide to move it Check out the funky center t connector.IT LOOKS LIKE A PIECE OF GARDEN HOSE. But its some kind of hard plastic or such and,it keeps the lower spreaders away from the sail also.PLUS its also supposed to keep the frame from twisting in quad mode.At least that is what i was told and read.hear it is.
  7. AHH,THAT WAS NICE.you have a good touch. I still get nervous that close to the ground. that encourages me to keep at it.your good, nice vid.
  8. SORRY. Another noobie question.are the vents in the wings to increase the wind range,as in other kites.or do they help the kite to do quad kite stuff. The reason i ask is because i dont know.But also, THOSE VENTS ARE HUGE. They look to be maybe 1/2 to 1/3 that big on the T.C.U2, which is the one i ordered. YOU HAVE KITE AWESOMENESS THERE. I love the color of that sail.
  9. O.M.G. THAT THING LOOKS WICKED. If i can get the u2,to do some of the things people say it will,MAYBE I WILL SPRING FOR THE ULTRA. SELL OFF A TAYLORMADE BURNER OR 2. Inever golf anyway and,these clubs could be one of those mean looking suckers. Is that a custom sail job ? I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THESE KITES 1 WEEK AGO AND,THE GUY TOLD ME HOW IT FREAKS PEOPLE TO SEE A DELTA DOING THAT STUFF. BUT all the ones i have seen were either blue or red. THAT IS ONE AWESOME KITE,I LOVE THAT. I see you have it hooked up as a quad. do you prefer that to the dualie setting. THANK YOU FOR THE PIC.
  10. You know,that park is a big little league field with like 6 diamonds. I have never seen a MOB like that in there before. Plus now that i think about it,SCHOOL IS OUT. Some of these kids are probably on their own ALL DAY. I will have to just take the time to go to my usual spot.
  11. Thanks monkey. thats good to know. I already figured some aspect of it would be flawed. But i am still gonna enjoy the time i spend flying it. I figure the only bad kite is one that wont stay in the air. Since you enjoyed yours,i know i will also.I think its hard not to have a great time flying a kite. OTHER PEOPLE WILLING.
  12. Well,today was my day off and, glory be, THE BREEZE WAS STEADY. So i grab the symphony and,the E2. I have decided to sell off some golf clubs,to finance my kite addiction. While going thru the clubs,I FIND A BOOMERANG I HAVENT THROWN IN 15 YEARS. I take it to the park with me. I go to a different park than i usually do. While i have the e2 in the air,i become surrounded by a group of BADA** KIDS. Next thing i know one of the kids has my boomerang and,throws it about half a mile straight up. the wind catches it and,it starts divebombing at a angle and, i mean its boogeying. I start screaming - WATCH OUT,WATCH OUT. This guy is walking his dog. YOU GUESSED IT KAPOW. RIGHT ON TOPPA THE HEAD. Down gos frazier. this guy dropped like he was poleaxed. people are looking around,im trying to land this E2 and,get to my symphony, cause some kid has the bag open,digging in it,like it was his. When i land the kite and,turn around,the guy has stood up,puts his hand to his head.THEN HE TAKES OFF HIS WHITE T SHIRT,HOLDS IT TO HIS HEAD,IT TURNS RED.His scalp is opened up BY now im telling the kids,get the eff outta that bag,put that the eff down, im calling the guy,HEY MISTER,HEY MISTER. He grabs his dog,sprints to his car and,hauls. I get my stuff together and,one of the older folks in the corner tells me ,that was ernie,he walks his dog here everyday. I ask,where is the nearest hospital,i go there NO ERNIE. So i tell the cop in the E.R.,my tale of woe. He tells me to go down to the district,file a report. im just getting back now. Oh i forgot.As im landing my kite and,the victim is lieing on the ground,3 or 4 of these kids, run past his stretched out body,RACING TO THE BOOMERANG. Where they proceed to fight over it and,break it into pieces. I am really shocked at the behavior of these CHILDREN. IT REALLY WAS MAYHEM AT THE PARK. You know on the police shows when the guy says,--THE SERENE CALM OF THE DAY WAS SHATTERED. Thats just what happened.MY HAPPY WAS STOLEN FROM ME. THEY POOPED ON MY HAPPY. WHAT A DAY.
  13. THANKS FOLKS FOR THE INFORMATION. But i already ordered the kite. I know i have only been flying kites for a couple of months,but i am just crazy about holding those lines. I know that there will be some sort of compromise,inherent in the design, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW. This may be the kite for me. I will keep you all posted about how it working. Thanks, BEN.
  14. IM LEE TOO ! Anything that can possibly hinder something i am trying to accomplish,will usually crop up. While i do feel for lee,it is good to know,I AM NOT ALONE.
  15. Hey,everybody. I have a serious question,before i pull the trigger on a purchase. I came across a kite called the T.C.ULTRA and,i seem to have a desire to purchase it. The deal is it can be flown EITHER AS A QUAD OR A DUAL LINE. And,i came across a guy by the lake who said he has seen this kite and,it flys pretty darn sweetly They have a smaller version of the kite and,it come with the lines and,handles for quad flying and,the straps for dual line flying. ALL FOR LESS THAN $80 ON CLOSEOUT. I was looking at another kite called the FIJET and,i figure instead of buying the lines and,handles for the FIJET,i could by this T.C.U2,anyway and,i would have a spectra lineset AND,HANDLES,then just order the FIJET as a kite only.THAT WAY,FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE,I HAVE 2 KITES,LINES AND,HANDLES. SO IM PRETTY SURE IM GONNA DO IT ANYWAY. But,im just hoping that someone can spread a little light on this kite that appears to be living in the shadows I like the IDEA of it.Whether it is only feasible in practice is i guess what i am asking. SO HAS ANYONE HEARD OF ANY OF THESE KITES.
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