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  1. Okay, here's where you can say "I told you so"! I bought the Quantum mainly because I was more familiar with Prism's presence, and the Nighthawk was fairly new. That was over a month ago. Two weeks ago I bought a Nighthawk when I saw one sitting in my local shop, and I am loving it! It flies nice in lighter wind - more so than the Quantum in my opinion. I also like the way it feels at the end of the lines, especially for the tricks that I know and the ones that I am learning. I'm glad I bought the Quantum first though, because I think the oversteer on the Nighthawk would have hard to deal with right off the start. The Quantum is easy to "drive" around the window - like a Cadillac as opposed to the nimble feel of the Nighthawk, which requires more attention from me when I'm bailing out of tricks and just plain manuevering around. ikky - the winds here are up and down, we get pretty much everything. The two parks that flyers frequent out here are on bodies of water though, so a steady wind can be had when it blows from the right direction. I also picked up a Flashlight for light winds, but haven't flown it much as the Nighthawk can stay in the air with just a little bit of wind and the winds have been there the times I've gone out. I'm looking at a Magnum next - I really like the smooth, almost floaty feel the Nighthawk has and I'm hoping the Magnum will feel the same. Damn bug!
  2. Hello to everyone from beautiful British Columbia. I recently contracted the kiting bug on a visit to Cannon Beach Oregon where I spent $30 on my New Tech Ignitor. I've been flying it for some time now and have decided that I'd like to be try a bigger kite. A local store recommended the Prism Fanatic, and another local store has the Prism Quantum in stock, and for less money. Which of these two would you recommend and why? Prism's description of the Fanatic makes it seem more of an advanced kite under the right conditions, materials and tunability being the main advantages. Any suggestions on these or other beginner sport kites? I don't want to have to spend a ton of money buying multiple kites if I can spend a little more now (hopefully under $200) and have something good to start with that will take a few steps up when I'm ready. Thanks in advance, Jay Pozo
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