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  1. ok in bicycling circles im considered a Clydesdale due to my size. doesent bother me, but i got a used RRD bar with newer lines from evil bay in thoughts of possibly getting into buggying. i'm 388 lbs, 1) I wonder if a HQ Rush V 250, snapshot 2.5, and a HQ symphony 1.8 will have enough force to pull me around/down? i thought i could use this bar with a back harness if needed. 2) where can i get a big harness with hook for the chicken loop? 3) can i get just the hook, and attach it to w leather lifting belt? Jerry
  2. hi guys. i bought a bar with next to new lines on it. its a Rrd Kite Control Bar 2011. 22". the guy isnt sure in the test of the lines, but said they are standard lines. what mite the lines be? got the bar with the intentions of getting into bugging.
  3. luckily i bought a new set of lines, and handles (the ones that came with it just looked....) for my prism snapshot 2.5 (witch can be rigged as a 2, or 4 line) so they can do double duty. or i could use the bar i got with intentions of getting into buggies. got it cheap. its a used kite sailing bar with newer lines as the seller said. only 2 uses on them. ill take that at face value, but then again they must be what good for oh i'll say 40,000,000 pound test? LOL not really but way more than needed, and defiantly heaver than needed. now all i need is a complete orange foil from a
  4. last time i was into kiting i got up to about 10 kites rather fast. this time around 4 NEW kites, and other bits for the kites. line handles, and a nice used bar i intend on using if i can afford building a buggy.
  5. well i pulled the trigger on the kite from evil bay. the orange was calling to me at night. im surprised that my Accord hasn't gotten a coat of florescent orange on her. actually orange doesn't look good on most cars. possibly a burnt orange. well when i get it in the air, and it hasn't ripped my arms out of there sockets ill give my opinion on it. sure gonna be nice seeing a orange kite in the air!
  6. just need to find a place to run it. got a mig machine. already built a recumbent bicycle.
  7. well i need to revive this thread. im concidering building my own buggy, so looking for any and all info i can find. Jerry
  8. wow! i wonder how much to build one myself? a lot more than i thought. my guess bout the same. i need to get a hold of Popeye the welder. he has plans on the web. ive built a recumbent bicycle, so i think... now wait a min... no that's steerable wheels up front, and 1 in the rear.
  9. oh ya. what does a buggy cost to buy pre built? there must be a manufacturer here in the states.
  10. man that video was GREAT! now i just gotta find a place bigenough to buggy. im near enough to lake erie, but never been to the beaches to see if buggying could be done there. if i can then its a cost thing for a buggy. i probably could build one. i know how to weld. did it for a living. hmmm bending pipe could be intresting, but could use pipe fittings i guess. now the gears are turning. best wait and see how my sholders hold up to my 2.5 foils. then again the kite is hooked to a harness .
  11. not sure when ill get that one. has 3 things going for it. 1) 3 meter 2) 4 lines 3) then the biggie. its orange! i got a thing about orange. dont know why but i love orange. all my race bodies from slot cars to rc cars, to rc planes, all were orange, and orange and black. even the deck of my USOM rc sailboat is floresent orange. i can always pick my car out from the pack, but yes when i get it ill report on it.
  12. witch one? the 2 new ones i got, or the $50 one i want off evil bay. the 2 new foils hopefully wont pull my arms off. just got over rotator cuff issues recently. no surgery, but physical therapy[y. ill probably start a new thread on both. actually 3. got a 3rd one coming late next week. oh ya i always jump both feet in! LOL
  13. Chook you buy your buggy, or make it? im interested in buggying, but it mite be a bit expansive to get into.being a old fart i think its my only option. all other kitting options (short of flying for fun, or learning how to do tricks) is the avenue i can take.looks like a ton of fun. getting a cheep (cost. not quality) kite surfing used bar coming in hopes of getting into buggying.
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