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  1. Wonderfull post rxburner. Thanks for staying on topic. I too like the Unicorn for the same reasons. It's good looking art. I had it planned when I decided to try for the Rational Kite project. Which is when I thought the other logo's might have more impact from the Rational Thought point of view. What kind of kite shape do you think would be most apt for it? I'd like to go for an un-common shape myself. (instead of a basic Rok I mean). Cheers, T.
  2. Hello. I'd like to encourage all kitebuilders here at Kitelife to come visit a new international kite building project I'm starting. The project is based at the kitebuilder.com forums, but we can also talk here if you wish. Please, visit http://www.kitebuilder.com/forums/viewtopi...p?p=79116#79116 to read about the first poll that I'm conducting to determine which logo should be used. The whole post is as follows: ------------------- Hello. I'd like to start a new project. An international Kite Project. What I'd like to do is promote one of three atheist logos. The Invisible Pink Unicorn OR the Darwin Fish OR the Come out symbol. I think all three are great logo's. But, I also think we should pick one, and all put that one onto our kite of choice. First, I just want to get an idea of which logo is the most popular. Myself, I like the Darwin Fish because it, by itself, would make a great kite. Also because it's the most recognizable as to our cause. Please vote for you favorite Rational Thought logo. In a couple weeks, I'll create a new thread for the kite itself. IT WOULD BE GREAT to have a Rational Kite flown at every festival around the world. It would also be a great way to meet other rationalists, humanists secularists, and atheists. And of course, it will stimulate conversation since we, the kite fliers, always tend to be the center of attention when we go flying Just think of all the children we could reach. How wonderful would that be If the Darwin Fish is chosen, I'll create a whole plan and lesson for building the entire kite. If one of the other two are choose, then I think it would be best if the logo were applied to your kite of choice. Cheers, Terry. --------------------------- If your interested in building a kite, please stop by. Cheers, Terry T.
  3. Montreal will kick off National Kite Month with an all ages kite festival. Open to everyone, the festival will be holding several, free, kite and wind related activities. Date: April 1, 2007 Times: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Location: Parc de la Voie Maritime de St-Lambert - Free access, open field for anyone to come fly a kite. All day. - Ariel displays of unique art kites from guest fliers - Free childrens kite makeing workshops. First 300 children get to make thier own kite. - Free childrens Bol races A uniquely challanging fun race where the children pull mini parachutes. - Free candy drops. Candy wil be dropped from a kite and allowed to float down on tiny parachutes for the children to have. This years inaugural NKM kite festival is sponsored by: - Les Cerfs-Volantstylistes (http://www.cerfs-volantstylistes.com/) - Vent d'Ekinox (http://www.vent-ekinox.com/) Come celebrate one of the worlds oldest toys with us at Montreals NKM festival. You'll see things you never dreamed could fly. And that's what kites do. Make dreams fly.
  4. I emailed Christinge and asked here. Let's wait and see what she says
  5. The kite was made by Christin McGee of Montreal. There are no lights on it. Just really reflective material. What I like best about this kite though are the mylar streamers she used for the hair. I love seeing things like that hanging off the face of a kite. So unique.
  6. Great post Bob. I know I always go with the overkill on line strength. Frankly, I'm paranoid really. I also never hold my kites. Well, very rarely. I always stake them, so I can fly more kites I even stake my Eddy kites that only has, what? 2 lbs of pull? and I fly it on 50 lb line. As for Kevlar line. I have some kites that's I've built that I value very highly. As such, I only fly them on overly strong, Kevlar cored line. I do not want to lose those kites and will take every precaution to make sure I win if they tangle with another kite. I don't see that as being the least bit wrong to do, or want to do. Because I also fly traction kites, I know what 200 lbs of pull really feels like. So I know that my big flowform (5m long, 4m wide) does not generate that much pull, but I fly it 1000 lb, Kevlar core line anyways. (I used to fly it on 1800 lb rope, but that caused just too much drag). Say, would you mind re-posting this over at kitebuilder.com forums too please? I'm sure it would be much appreciated. Thanks. P.
  7. And if you come, you'll get to see the newly completed Crazy Eddy Pyrimid Kite Arch:
  8. Here's an open invitation to all on this board to come to Toronto for our big event 12th Annual Industrial Alliance Insurance Toronto International Kite Festival aka Kitefest 2006 September 16th & 17th, 2006 Milliken District Park, Toronto, Ontario On the southwest corner of Steeles Avenue East and McCowan. Featured guests include: Cliff Quinn, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania Al Sparling, Napier, Illinois Team "Dogs Playing Cards", Detroit, Michigan Meg & Bill Albers, Buffalo, New York Weifang China Kite Delegation Carl Bigras, Ottawa, Ontario Terry Thillman. Pierrefonds, Québec Yves Laforest, St-Éustache, Québec Daniel Rémillard & Christine McGee, Brossard, Québec Normand Girard, Montréal, Québec André Bernard, Montréal, Québec René & Claudine Campeau, Pierrefonds, Québec Bill Wilson, Halifax, Nova Scotia And many, many more visiting fliers from Ontario, Western New York, Michigan, Québec, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We have a host hotel, the Howard Johnson Toronto East with preferential kitefliers' rates (double queen room for C$79). Past fliers have also included: Jos and Kaatje Valcke of Belgium, Michel Trouillet from France, Team Zoone from France, Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig of Germany, Team No Limits of Germany, Masaki Modegi of Japan, Ludovico Bertozzi, Italy, Pedro and Estoban Gonsalvez of Spain, Abdul Halim of Malaysia, Abdul "Hamid" Pabila from Indonesia, Kevin Sanders from Australia, and teams from Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. American guests have included Reza Ragheb, José Sainz, Ron & Sandy Gibian, Dos Avispados (Brian Champie & Miguel Rodriguez), Glen & Tanna Haynes, Ron Despojado, Susan Shampo, Rick Wolcott, Team Too Much Fun, and more. This is the largest international kite festival in Canada with over 50,000 spectators over the weekend with past sponsors such as United Airlines, Pepsi, Air Canada, General Motors and Hongkong Telecom. In 2005, General Motors gave away a new Pontiac Vibe car for one lucky spectator! Come on up!! For more info, email me or visit the Toronto Kite Fliers' website for further updates: http://www.tkf.toronto.on.ca This year's poster:
  9. Many people have complained about the 'stock' bridle for the Orange. I lucked out and come up with one that seems to work well. http://www.kitebuilder.com/forums/viewtopi...t=orange+bridle (I think you might need an account first to view that thread). P
  10. This is 'Miss Ohio'. A fella from Toronto posted these pics from the TKF mailing list. they're funny, so I thought I'd share 'em here Yup, it's a chicken flying a kite.
  11. HI Must86 Most of the bars I've seen (I don't use a bar, just handles) have the break lines going to the outside of the bar, and the power lines meet in the ceneter of the bar. hth P
  12. http://www.fredtech.no-ip.com/2006/Gual4.4/target3.html Now that's a happy kite builder I like your kite and it's color scheme P.
  13. Progcraft

    Rotor Kite

    Hi. Hopefully this will help you a bit. http://www.vientocero.com/kpb/planos/rotor/modern_ufo.html http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/~anthony/kites/rotor/ hth Cheers, P.
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