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  1. Try sending him to David in BC... maybe they can be legally imported to Canada. Maybe not, I know that we have red-eared turtles native to Canada (probably US as well). Could be that the foreign strains are overwhelming and they need to protect our native species from dying out.
  2. Did someone just call JB a pretty lady?!?! Woof, that Rev Zen announcement on GWTW has got me all confused. You know, that live feed sounds like a pretty good idea to me!!!
  3. Thanks all, this is helping me too.
  4. Mr Chilese, that (Kite) is an AMAZING photo! Beautiful!
  5. They make all sorts of beautiful color combinations... http://www.revkites.com/main/images/products/b-seriesPRO/B-Series_Pro-09%28fade%29.pdf
  6. Which way flat... 1) LE near you, strings down (is this possible?) 2) LE far from you, strings up (can do if the lower tips dig into the ground) 3) LE near you, strings up (no problem, use all the brake and reverse lift off ground) 4) LE far from you, strings down (pull back, get some wind under there, reverse lift off ground) John
  7. Nice job Dark! Serendipity... I was watching the sports channel at the pub noon-time and thought that 'Red Bull' would look great in the sky! Did you use masking tape all around the bull? I can imagine it being used for the feathers, but that must have been fun to do on the bull's curvatures. Does the paint work its way into the fiber of the cloth? Or does it stay on the surface? Did it take many passes to get that deep color? When you look at it with the sun behind it, is the density of the color even everywhere? I'm impressed!... and starting to search out silk paint at the craft stores around our home. John
  8. Holy jumpin' jimmineez!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Scott Hampton's work is awesome!
  9. So... where do y'all think we should ask Goby to list "kiting" ? Looks like a cool new way to find things to do in unknown places. I hope they add Canada soon. I wonder how pages are added? It'd be great to get all our favorite fields in there.
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