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  1. The question of what line to use is not a simple one. Obviously for strong winds or buffeting wind that applies a sudden strain, a stouter line is needed. If you are flying on dyneema line, you can do that without much weight penalty, but that's the downside of using heavier dacron. There was an interesting experiment (I can't recall if it was in FB or Kiting Mag) where Ken Conrad actually put a strain gage on peoples fly line and it showed that they pulled far less than people thought. So for the small and medium sized lifters you are considering, what you are risking is the kite breaking free and landing in a tree or in the next state. There are safety concerns with big lifters that make using the recommended line imperative.
  2. GombergKites has a nice sale of double Delta Conyne that are great lifters, easy enough for one person to handle and still get into the air with light to moderate wind. Here it is in our crummy inland wind carrying a 24 inch spinner tail and a 25 foot snake line for laundry. It has a unique crossing sparing that lets it fly without a tail and self adjust to wind conditions.
  3. I love mine. I have three that fly in various conditions. I put spinning drogues on this one to get it to fly at a lower angle.
  4. I hope you got some pics in the air. It looks like a beauty.
  5. I'm just not getting that bug. Picked up a New Tech Sky Hook 60 last week. My second lifter if you don't count big Roks. Would you fly that on 500#? and were do you get your line?
  6. Wow! Sweet kite. Did he zigzag over black fabric to make the outlines for his appliqué, or is it just black zig zag? Very impressive image. Mitch
  7. Per my PM, your package should be there by Friday. Have fun!
  8. Mark- Makatakam wins it! I'll send it out as soon as you PM me your address. Congrats. It's a sweet flying kite.
  9. Only two people interested in a 4 1/2 foot back-packable duelie? I guess that makes the odds pretty good for winning.
  10. If you want to join the pay forward l drawing, just post "I'm in" to this thread.
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