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  1. No Problem. It is a fairly common issue, and of the few methods of repair I have tried it is the easiest. I have never had one come back apart at the repair, that includes a couple kites that have been beat on pretty hard. And the extra vent is the best thing ever to come out of the mad scientist's lab.
  2. Also, IF you don't have a sewing machine or don't know anyone, I would be happy to fix it for you if you want to pay the postage back and forth. Or just look for a local sewing shop to do it for you. PM me if you are interested.
  3. Just run a three step zig zag across the tear. Assuming it is on the seam where it meets the leading edge. (The most common location for that to happen. Easy fix, and less hassle than trying to send it in to get fixed. My guess is they have been busy at the rev office, festival season. They are not a huge company with many employees, just a couple people to handle this sort of thing. They are good folks and I am sure they will get back to you when they are caught up. Below is a picture of the repair.
  4. Wanted to extend an invitation to a fun fly organized by IKE. The fly will be at the Indiana Sand Dunes National Park. September 29 and 30. We will be flying all day, having dinner and hanging out, then doing it all again the next day. We will be staying at a local hotel. The park is a great place to fly, with winds typically coming down the beach or off the water. There will be quite a few Rev fliers, and some dualie and single line stuff to top it off. You can see the discussion on the IKE forum here... http://www.ikeclub.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2069 All are welcome!
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. Noticed your location. Are you going to Grand Haven? If so perhaps we can meet in person. I will be there all weekend, and can probably be found with a rev in hand and red IKE shirt on.
  6. All the major pieces of the stake are aluminum, and all the hardware and bearings are stainless steel. You are correct about switching hands, So when you are looking at the back of the kite your right hand is still controlling the right wing. Although I am with you on the crash and burn, I would launch the kite and the only thing I could successfully do is fly the kite into my head. I would recommend a hard hat and safety glasses to anyone deciding to try this for the first time.
  7. Here Are a couple pics of the stake.
  8. Thanks Jynx, hope to fly with you again soon, had a good time in Davenport.
  9. Thanks for the compliment, My sister and her husband run a print shop, they have a mask cutter for making signs. She had the bulls made for me. The rest was done with blue painters tape. I would recomend using the light tack tape. It doesn't require much stick because of how the paint dries. The paint stays on top of the ripstop, and took 4 or 5 coats to get the color. There is a couple spots on the blue that I need another coat. Although it passes the 120' test. It looks good in the sky, the light shines through the paint well. I should've used a darker gold instead of the yellow, but lesson learned. The yellow I used was too bright so I put a bit of red on top, made it a bit dark in the sky for my tastes. If you have a Michaels nearby they carry quite a few colors. I just bought some cheap ripstop to practice on. It makes me wish I could afford a few more white sails to try some other things rolling around in my head. Thanks again, Mike
  10. Hello folks, Been reading this forum for a while but this is the first post for me. Here is a Revolution 1.5 I painted with design master paint. I used painters tape to mask it. The fabric feels the same after paint no noticable extra weight. It dries almost instantly, really nice for the application. It stays translucent, and looks good in the sky. If anybody has any questions I would be happy to answer them.
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