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  1. Thanks WOC! got my 4D early last week and finally got it out Saturday and It was awesome. Went out to Brenton Point Park in Newport RI and the wind was not coming in on a good angle. Only one corner of the park was really going (and slightly crowded) so I went over to the main field and like I suspected, with the wind coming from the land, the trees behind the field really knocked the wind down. Another sporter was trying to fly and not having a lot of luck. Just putting the kite together, I noticed that it didn't want to stay on the ground. Just a little twitch with my fingers and it was up
  2. Don't get me wrong. I meant the pipe dream part about this part "Well, I had a couple of great suggestions until your last bit about 100.00 or less...." The 4D definitely looks good. Seems to have everything I was looking for. Thanks Again, Hopefully I can get an order in soon! -Andy
  3. Thanks for the detailed response. I had a feeling the $100 range was a bit of a pipe dream.
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for my first light wind kite and I'd like some opinions. This is my starting point... So far I only have a NT Detonator and I'm not tricking, just flying. I'd like something that I can fly when this won't. I still crash from time to time and would like something that can break down smaller for easier transport. Basically I'd like to be able to fly in as little wind as possible without running around. Any recommendations on a nice relaxing low/almost no wind flier would be appreciated. oh... I'd like to stay around $100 or less Thanks Andy
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