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  1. Reef Runner

    Happy Birthday JB (June 1st)

    Hey John, I got a B here on Jockeys Ridge, one of your favorite spots 😎
  2. Reef Runner

    Happy Birthday JB (June 1st)

    Good Luck
  3. Reef Runner

    Happy Birthday JB (June 1st)

    JUNE 🎂🎂🎂
  4. Reef Runner

    Happy Birthday JB (June 1st)

    Sorry John, so happy June 🎂🎂🎂 to the whole Barresi crew ! 😁😎😁
  5. Reef Runner

    Happy Birthday JB (June 1st)

    Hey John, Just wanted to post a birthday wish for you. Hope all is well, and that this upcoming year will be fulfilling. Make the best of it, as I am sure you will. Happy Birthday Bud.............
  6. Reef Runner

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Yep, and pictures would explain a lot.....
  7. Reef Runner

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Hey Ralph, the only reason I used SS was because of the beach factor. The handles are already SS. And again, as Mark mentioned, just add 2-3 evenly spaced knots, in those bottom leaders. That will shorten them up a bit and give you the adjustment capability mentioned above....😁
  8. Reef Runner

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Yes Ralph, as Mark mentioned, maybe your screw was not of adequate size. In every modification that I did, I always used a #10 SS screw, along with a tight fitting anchor (never had one come outj. And as for attaching the leader, I simply looped it over the head of the screw, just under the head, tightening it (the screw) down, just enough to touch the leader. And contrary to some, I wanted the leader to be free to shift around to either side, rather than being tied in place. The rubber cap will keep things from disconnecting, and with the right anchor & screw, hopefully the whole thing won’t pull out.
  9. Reef Runner

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Looking good there Ralph.............🤠
  10. Reef Runner

    Handle mods (snagless)

    If it floats the boat (makes the kite fly), go for it 🤪
  11. Reef Runner

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Well, that is pretty amazing. NOT your “painted knots”, but your “Bose”, which I couldn’t help but notice in the background. I’m sitting here, right now, listening to the exact same unit. Ok, ok, off topic I know. Just had to comment ! 😁
  12. Reef Runner

    Handle mods (snagless)

    But yes, as Wayne alluded to, watch out for the sharp places. As for that burr, those holes are punched, not drilled. That's why they are so rough. < handle with caution >
  13. Reef Runner

    Jockey's Ridge State Park - Nags Head, NC

    That's quite a polite response there, "riff". Mine wasn't so kind, so much in fact, that after much thought, I have opted not to post it. I just don't see the point. Sad, sad, sad.
  14. Reef Runner

    My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    Hey, what are you guys up to ? 🤔