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  1. The kites in the picture are of my original 6-stack of HyperKites. I bought them about 10 years ago in Atlantic Beach, NC. The condo in the background is one where we have a timeshare. These particular HyperKites have carbon fiber frames. I've since grown the stack to a 9-stack. Doug
  2. You sure make it look easy, Watty...
  3. That video is so cool, Penny. I watched it and then showed it to my wife who has heard your name a number of times. She was impressed also. Great flying!! Doug
  4. Loved the videos. Thanks!!! Couple of questions if you don't mind. On the Rev stacks, what length and weight lines were you using? And what were the tails -- material and how long were they? And the handles you were using -- they looked longer than either Rev 2 or "normal" Rev handles -- maybe the extended handles? Thanks, Doug
  5. My first encounter with sport kites was back in the early-90's when I was at the Outer Banks of NC. I bought a plastic diamond dual-line with a tube tail -- it might have been a Trilby -- I don't know. Only flew it every year or so when on vacation. Then in 2000 I bought a Megafoil from Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach and it pulled me around the beach -- COOOL. That was followed in successive years by a 6-stack of Hyperkites and an HQ Breeze. Then in late 2002 I saw Mark and Jeanette Lummas fly Rev 1.5's to a popular love song at the Carolina Kitefest in Atlantic Beach. I absolutely couldn't believe that a kite could do what they did with that kite. I had to learn, so at the kitefest I took "Rev flying lessons". Picked up my first Rev 1.5 in February 2003 and it's been deeper and deeper into the "Dark Side" ever since. Now I rarely pull my dual-lines out of the bag. Many times I'll put up a single line, but I can usually be found flying my Rev's next to it. I've dabbled a little with fighter kites and own a few SLK's, but I always go back to my Rev's Doug
  6. CLTKiter

    kite ware

    I picked up a little bottle of "Fray Check" at my local sewing/fabric store. It seems to stop the fraying immediately without making the kite look bad. I now have treated the edges of the leading edge of each of my Rev's. Later, Doug
  7. Yup. You got it right... Verticals on the back. If you carefully turn the upper fittings to the back, you'll find that they will work out OK. Later, Doug
  8. This thread has interested me as I was curious about the preference of mail order vs. brick-and-mortar. I live about 6 1/2 hrs from the beach, but whenever possible make my purchases at the local beach brick-and-mortar store (Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach, NC). What I wind up doing (and I did it just a few days ago) is call the store and tell them what I want. In this case it's a Sedgwick vented Rev I. Then when I get a chance to go (in about 3 weeks), the kite is waiting for me, ready for me to fly for my few days at the beach. It's inconvenient for me to just get my stuff there, and on some occasions when I can't wait that long, I use mail order such as GWTW. However, my concern is that if we don't patronize the brick-and-mortar kite stores, they'll go out of business and we'll lose the ability to see and touch the merchandise before buying it. And all we'll be left with are the drug store and discount house kites to "see and feel". MHO. Doug
  9. Gotta say this... It's exactly what I do. Must be a Carolina thing... Doug
  10. Looks great John!!! Doug
  11. Need info..... More info..... :confused!: Looks kinda like a modified 1.5. Is it the same size? A different kite altogether??? Hopefully there's one on it's way to my local shop for me to pick up when I go to the beach next weekend. Sure hope so. Sounds exciting!!! Doug
  12. And will look GREAT in my kite bag. Anyone have an idea of the size? Doug
  13. Now Monkey-Boy, you've known me for a while..... I AM Extra-nice. And extra-curious too!!! Doug
  14. Oh, Monkey-Boy! How mean!!! I'd ask you if you think I'll want one, but you know that I want all them (except the SuperSuper Blast). Can't wait... Doug
  15. Well John, the 25th is just around the corner. And us Rev-heads are waiting with bated breath to see what you're coming out with. Hope you won't keep us in suspense too long..... Doug
  16. I use mostly Blue Line, but the reason is that I buy from a local kite shop and that's what they carry other than Shanti. Blue line seems to not stretch much, and I've not had any trouble with breaking. But Ben from Rev uses Laser Pro Gold (if my memory serves me right), and he's very pleased with it. But again, my local store doesn't carry it. Later, Doug
  17. For my Christmas, my lovely wife gave me some money for one of the new Rev's that's been talked about on the Rev forum -- the ultralight that floats great. Since our winds are so light in inland NC, it'll be a good addition to my 1.5SUL and Rev I with UL spars. BTW, today was the first day that there was any wind at all without rain, so I got out for a while with my 1.5M. It was sooooo enjoyable. Doug
  18. I'm convinced!!!!! Best looking lights I've seen. I'm gonna start prowling tomorrow! Thanks for the info. Doug
  19. CLTKiter


    Now I know that I want to meet up with you some time, Monkey-Boy. Doug
  20. CLTKiter


    OK, I know that everyone is expecting it, so here goes... My first quad line kite was the Rev 1.5 and I never regretted it. I think I paid about $225 retail for the kite, bag, lines, and handles. As you can tell from MY avatar, I'm a Rev fan! I have a variety of them, and appreciate their predictability, solid construction, control, etc. That being said, you'd probably like the Spirit also. I owned one for a while, but didn't connect with it. Glad you're looking at quads. If you're into control, you'll enjoy it. (OK duallies -- time to shoot down that remark!!!) Doug
  21. At the risk of sounding patronizing, I look at a kite's bridle pretty much the same way as a bridle for a horse. The bridle for a horse is a "line - sorta" that steers the horse. A bridle on a kite is similar; it's a line arrangement attached to the kite for steering. Although there are some kites where the control lines are hooked directly to the kite, most kites have some short lines already attached to the kite where the control lines hook up. If you pick up most any kite, you'll see these lines attached. Hope I haven't offended anyone... Doug
  22. I got my order in for the 4th of July. Should be getting it today...
  23. I've owned a Spirit, and to my knowledge, they DON'T have a video. However, the principles are very similar to the Revolutions. What I suggest, barring the ability to work one-on-one with somone, is to try to locate a Revolution video -- the basic video would work well. You can find one possibly at the kite store where you bought your Spirot. Or from an online store. You might consider posting your location, asking for any fliers in your area. I know that if you are possibly in the North Carolina area, there are several fliers in various parts of the state who would be more than happy to spend some time with you. If you're near the Charlotte area, I'd be happy to do it. Best to you. When you get the hang of it, you're in for a treat!!! Doug
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