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  1. I have a kiting buddy who is going to visit family in the L.A. area in mid October.. He is taking one of my quads and a couple of dualies.. where are great places to fly and maybe hook up with some local fliers for a few hours?? Thanks in advance
  2. Chrome seems to be my favorite lately.. FF has become to full of fluff and too slow.. IE would be un-installed if I didn't need it for a dealing with the state government's web sites...
  3. Darn!!! my birthday is April 6th!?! now I know I wont win
  4. Who would notice??? we would all be looking at the kites in the sky?!?!?!
  5. BillLamm

    O-bam-a kite

    Love it.. great kite.. makes me think though..
  6. mine has a long multi strip ribbon and a whirligig tail (kinda like this one)
  7. I may have to sneak out and push the car up the block but I am planing on it
  8. yeah.. I think this thing needs a good wind... I had mine out today and it didn't want to fly and I didn't want to run but I got plenty of time with my Rev
  9. yes, the tow point is set (currently) at 33" from the nose on a 44" bridal line... the tow point needs to be movable to adjust for different wind conditions... that black ring is the tow point.. looks like its larksheaded already.. I think the factory bridal is set at 44" and two 22" lines but having the ability to adjust the long line right to left on the line between wheels may help with some adjustments (you need to ask around over at Kitebuilder.com for more details than that, see you there
  10. I think I have that kite.. 58" wing span, its a 3 point bridle, the two off the wheels meet the one off the nose at 22 inches from each wheel. the tow point ring on mine is at s 33 inches from the nose. the nose bridle is 44" long from nose to the other two bridle lines.. the tow point ring is larks headed to the line for adjustment... hope that helps
  11. I hope.. gotta big day Sunday and if my homework is not done Friday my wife will not let me go out to play...
  12. Isn't IQuad at MOTS in Milwaukee the day after the drawing??? just bring my kite with you
  13. Way to go Connor... you have shown more Americans the modern sport kite world than any one else in who knows how long... I think you are neck and neck with Ben Franklin when it comes to names most people relate to kiting... I am curious to know what sort of interest in kiting this brings to AKA, Revolution Kites, kite forums and retailers?? is Rev going to need temporary customer support hotline staff?!?!?! I am currently available... will work for kite
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